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04-15-2012, 05:14 PM
A few hints from what i learned that works both with cruisers and escorts:

- Tactical Cubes
If you get right UNDER it you will take near to 0 plasma torpedoes, on an escort keep the engine to half or so and just point your nose up, the defence will stay high while you will just "hug" the bottom of the cube dishing out a tons of damage with cannons at point blank, with cruisers it's the same except you circle "under" the cube at half speed, with a decent setup the cruiser can tank it forever while the escort "may" need to run away after a long aggro.

- Gateways
Just get UNDER it, the gateway can't shoot there, for a cruiser with 8x beam the best spot is about 2-3km right under it, for an escort the spot is about 3/4km under it a bit forward or backward for having the target in your dual cannons arc of fire.

- Donatra
A good cruiser will tank the plasma spread ending up at 70/80% hull, an escort will struggle to stay alive without breace for impact but is doable, the best defence against donatra is having evasive manouver ready to take you out of her front arc.

Hope it helps.

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