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UMOTH PRIME; PLANET; USS. Richthofen (Shuttle Craft)

Lt. Alem shook his head, an hour of loud screaming and getting bumped around in the pilot's seat. How did our ancestors do it he mumbled; he didn't expect anyone to hear him but you couldn't hide anything from that half Bajoran/Betazed. Lt. Cho'arie just laughed as twelve kids crawled and jumped on each other playing starship Soldier games. Its probably the first time in a long time, these children were allowed to be children.

My grandmother used to tell us stories about the occupation and the settlements I seem to understand where these kids are coming from. It was a little strange for Chip to hear, afterall Cho was more Bajoran than anything and didn't usually show good nature when Cardassians were involved. I guess so, but I feel like I've been thrown under a stampeded of Telleran Mountain Goats with the noise and rough play.

There was no response from Cho this time, she was busy punching buttons on the sensors. She looked over at Chip, we've got trouble. The Captain's group is at the settlement and so are a group of Romulans. The two adult Cardassians in the back knew something was going on in the front and busily began gathering the children and quieting the passanger area.


"Very Good Captain, you are correct about the tea, I'm Commander Vesna; The Romulan Star Empire wants to thank you for collecting this group of conspiritors." a sultry female voice said form behind them. despite the heat ice shot through him, after a moment he forced the feeling down and comely rolled over on his elbow and used his other had to tip his hat back to where he could see her and the Romulan solders who were now standing over them, disrupters ready.

the solders were tense like a taut bow, waiting for there commanders single. Raymundo had to think fast to defuse the situation. Putting in as much of his Latino charm as he could muster he said, "Howdy Senorita, fancy meeting yourself here" he rolled up on his back and rolled forward and jumped to his feet and placed his hat over his chest in one graceful motion. "Now i don't take too kindly to accutisitans of who did what and why someone acted as they did for I myself don't have all the answers." he reached for one of the packs on his belt and the two bodyguards to the Commander raised their weapons at him, Vesna raised her hand giving the odd human a hard stare.

Form the pack Ray produced a small isoliner chip, "I do admit that morning tea sound lovely and my friends could use some refreshing as well, on here is a replicator orders for some of the best Turkish coffee you have ever had." he bounced the light green rod in his hand a few times before turning his eyes to the Commander. "It also has some of Starfleets latest data on the area Jem`Hadar, what we could get at least. all I need is someone....trustworthy, tell me Commander lest settle down and talk about what we know."


The female Romulan Commander just looked at Captain Salas with amusement. Not many Starfleet officers would just jump up and start casual dialogue with armed Romulans surrounding him. Captain, we just arrived to the farm to continue our investigations. Please join us while Sub-Commander Dremoss takes CARE of the prisoners. At first, that comment didn't quite sound right to Ray, especially the Care part. Still, he escorted Commander Vesna towards the farm house for a nice cup of Coffee. Maybe he'd be able to learn more of what exactly is going on and have a better picture of whether the Cardassians were or were not conspirators to the Admiral's murder.

Once inside the strong sweet aroma of the spiced tea took Ray's memories back to his childhood and the various spiced teas his grandmother used to drink. Still, over the years he'd fallen more towards his brand of poison...the Turkish Coffee. The Commander spoke again as she poured hot water into two cups one with the hot spiced tea; We monitored the approach of the Cardassians Captain, we just began the investigation and there are some very interesting items in the farm house which you should see before making judgement on the innosence of these Cardassians. Captain Salas thought to himself, wow now this is going to be interesting. Commander, can you enlighten me a little of what I'll be walking into at the farm house.

Commander Vesna handed the Captain one cup; We will easily be able to prove that the Cardassians were heading to a weapons stock pile among other things. One of the guards found the butt of a weapon underneath a pile of hay and after shoveling that miserable stuff, found several Jem Hadar rifles and body armor.

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