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04-17-2012, 12:18 AM
Here is my list:

Short Term:
-add more non episode content for levelling
-maybe raise the XP gain for exploration missions
-for one of the last episodes, maybe have a scripted event that mimics an STF, have it serve as a tutorial. It can teach new players how to react to enemy tactics. nanite spawns=kill them before they heal, enemy heading towards wormhole=stop them, friendly ship losing shields/hull=transfer shield/hull

Mid Term:
-find a way to encourage more teamplay or discourage AFK'ers.
-add 1 new space/ground STF that doesnt have the Borg as the bad guy, could be a prologue of more to come

Long Term:
-a lot of new STF's (at least 3-4+)
-add more episode content that revolves around time travel. But this time, have the setting be TNG, DS9 or Voyager. But hopefully nothing that involves bad guys we have already seen in game (Hirogen, Borg, Jem'hadar). There's others races that we could be going against too: Kazon, Krenim, Q continuum...whatever was on DS9 and TNG that arent in the game lol.

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