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Sorry for the very uninformative thread name. While working on a project I was alerted that apparently one of my texts had "Profane Language" in it. I knew it didn't and after re-reading it, there was nothing even REMOTELY close to profane. So, after way too much trial and error (Cryptic, please add a "Highlight offending word/phrases" button), I found that two words that apparently the foundry doesn't like: "it's" and "its". Probably because it is expecting it to have a certain consonant before it, but honestly, these are probably two of the most frequently used words in the English Language (I don't care about statistics, please don't try to prove me wrong about that one).

Then again, maybe Cryptic just doesn't want Star Wars references in foundry projects? Was there a big thing a while back about having NPC ships captained by suspiciously fish-like aliens constantly informing the player that "It's a trap!"? Because if there was, I wish I was around for that.

So, in short, can someone look into the text filtering stuff soon and make them work well?

Lt. Commander
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03-21-2012, 09:54 PM
The problem actually is the word filter excludes spaces and other characters. Probably what you had was a situation where the word "t its" was being spelled across the end of the previous word, plus it's.
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04-17-2012, 07:43 PM
thats nothing. on one of my mission i wanted to put a radio FREQ in the Text. 132.1

apparently thats profane

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