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# 1 Tetryon Glider Questions
04-18-2012, 10:17 AM
Hi there,

Im a tactical escort looking to try out tetryon glider into my build and have some questions. This build is regarding PVP, not for PVE.

1. DCs or DHCs with tet glider? I know DHCs are more energy efficient and therefore are more damaging, but since tet glider procs 100% every hit, are DCs better than DHCs since they fire more hits (twice as many shots, however each shot doing half the damage i think)?

2. I will be using 2 pieces of Omega, 2 pieces of borg. I will use the Omega shield, but wondering whether to use the deflector or engine with it?

3. Anyone have any suggestions into which energy type would be best to use with tet glider? Remember PVP is in mind.

4. I don't believe tetryon glider damage is reduced by shield drain resists from what I've seen? Can anyone confirm this?

Thanks all in advance!

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