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Ooh! Finally, someone besides me has a problem with this!
Originally Posted by r9xchaos

wow...why people are so ****ed about the glowing stuff?

it makes the game an eyecandy...

But is there any deeper reason why people HATE the holographic effect?
For me, at least, the "glowing stuff" on the phasers are quite distracting. Normally, when you see you're captain, you're seeing him from behind, and that blue glowing stuff sticking out of the front end of my phaser rifle is distracting and, IMHO, ugly.

I wouldn't mind if they were more form-fitting, like the glowing stuff on this (relatively) early-game phaser rifle. But it's not. The holo "eye candy" on the Mk X+ rifles juts out of the firearm like ugly, random horns that ruin the object's look, much like what the Borg equipment does to ships. In fact, it's what made me switch from phasers to tetryon weapons for my ground equipment (however, the phasers do IMHO have better beam/burst graphics and sound effects, and are the traditional energy weapons of Starfleet officers, so... Ah, the dilemmas of a STO player like me... )

I should say that, issues with scaling and all aside, the late-model phaser rifle is a solid STO weapon design - it's just the way that the blue holo "eye candy" is applied to the front that kills it (the blue stuff on the scope, however, is fine.) IMHO, they should either fix the holograms at the front of the weapon (as I suggested above), have an option to turn the holos off (as other people have mentioned on this thread), or replace the "shinier Mk IX with glowy stuff" model for the Mk X and up rifles with something more aethestically appealing (perhaps a smaller and/or simplified version of the MACO rifle? I'd love to have a Full Auto Rifle version of that...)

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