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# 1 Release Notes: April 19, 2012
04-18-2012, 05:55 PM
  • The Mugato combat pet is no longer partially invisible.
  • The Gold Ferengi Lock Box is now Bind on Pickup.
  • Significantly improved the odds of getting rarer color variants of the Jackal Mastiff Pups.
  • Updated the descriptions for the Lobi Crystal Store costumes to indicate which players/factions can use the items.
  • Updated the audio for Photonic Fleet.
  • Added activation audio for the Friends in High Places power.
  • Added more French and German translations.
  • All warp powers are disabled on all queue maps.
  • The Enhanced Plasma Manifold ship console now has a unique item icon.
  • Federation Ferengi outfit packs can no longer be opened by KDF characters.
  • The Tactical Exocomp doesn't display as male any more.
  • KDF characters who mistakenly opened Ferengi Jacket packs will be granted Lobi crystals.
  • Corrected the item preview image and item pack icon for both Ferengi Male Jackets.

  • Foundry: Updated the Dominion Ground Captain template so Changelings once again spawn if you call a Dominion Captain.
  • It's now possible to search for Foundry missions that have been tagged Spanish and Italian.
  • Foundry missions that are published and republished will once again correctly show up when searched for.

Duty Officers:
  • Added a missing trait to the Duty Officer rewarded in "Hearts and Minds."
    • This should automatically update for people who have the Duty Officer.
    • Also clarified a line of text on its active roster power.
  • Updated Duty Officer outputs for Personnel Officer contacts in the Academies such that for the Reassignment assignments where one turns in five officers of one quality for one of the next higher quality there is now a 1 in 3 chance of the resulting Duty Officer having Resolve.
    • Species that can have Resolve via this method include: Andorians, Vulcans, Tellarites, Humans, Orions, Gorn, Nausicaans and Klingons.
  • Updated the rigging of "Negotiate Prisoner Exchange" including:
    • Expanded the list of sector maps where these assignments can appear.
    • Adjusted the odds.
    • Reduced KDF version's assignment duration to match Federation duration.
      • They were different before due to other assignment frequency and distribution reasons that otherwise made the KDF version more common.
        • Now that these have been removed, this needed to be adjusted.
    • Adjusted trait benefits.
    • Changed Failure outcome to now returns no officer, but also does not consume the slotted prisoner.
      • Note that the Disaster outcome remains with you losing the prisoner and not returning an officer.
    • When the assignment outcome awards a Duty Officer in exchange, the Duty Officer has a small chance of having Resolve.
      • Species that can have Resolve via this method include: Andorians, Vulcans, Tellarites, Humans, Orions, Gorn, Nausicaans and Klingons.
  • The personal food "Ferasan Chag Grass" obtainable via the "Biomedical Investigations" assignment end-chain repeatable for "Ferasan Nepeta Leaves" now provides a small Critical Chance buff.
  • The personal drink "Dosi Rotgut" primarily obtainable via the "Biomedical Investigations" assignment end-chain repeatable for "Tulaberries" now provides a small Critical Severity buff.
  • Resolved blank icon for third slot of "Test Anesthetic" Duty Officer assignment.
  • Updated "Deliver Federation Criminal" KDF assignments so that on critical outcomes each House will offer a good random item gift.
    • Removed Skill Points and Bridge Officer Points on critical results to compensate.
  • Damage Control Duty Officer active power description text updated to be consistent with the functionality.
  • Purchase Polaron Turret assignment now properly gives Polaron Turrets rather than Phaser Turrets.
  • Increased the frequency of Very Rare assignments.
  • Reduced the frequency of certain common Colonial assignments, specifically the first three steps in the various Colonial chains.
    • Note that this updated frequency is still quite high, it simply means the first three assignments won't be available 99.9% of the time, as was previously the case.
  • Tosk ulta-rare Duty Officer now has the Shroud trait.
  • Gamma Quadrant Asylum assignments now exist for the Cardassians, Bajorans, Ferasans, Dosi, Wadi, Paradans and Karemma species.
    • All of these assignments are Very Rare in frequency.
  • Authorize Shuttle to Return with Gagh assignment now returns with gagh.
    • The assignment also had its outcome rigging updated and numerical rewards increased.
  • Emergency Hologram Experimental assignments had a number of adjustments, fixes and updates applied to them.
  • Removed some stray Winter Even assignments that had slipped through the previous pass of removal.
  • Reduced the frequency of some excessively appearing bridge officer recruitment assignments.
  • Updated most Caitian Duty Officers with additional traits.
  • Improved available assignments from Deep Space 9/Ferengi Marauder ship Duty Officer assignment contact.
  • Repeatable Officer Exchange assignments moved from Rare frequency to Uncommon frequency.
    • These assignments have had their numerical rewards adjusted to be in line with their new frequency.
  • Reduced casualty rates for Secure Federation Trade Routes to Front Lines assignment.
  • Resolved an issue with bad outcome chances for Treat for Severe Lacerations and several similar assignments.
    • The "Failure" and "Disaster" chances are no longer mistakenly transposed.
  • Deep Space Nine bundle Duty Officers may no longer be used in Personnel Officer contact Duty Officer reassignments.
  • Resolved some grammatical text issues with Attend Nausicaan Promotion Ceremony outcome displays.
  • Added appropriate red warning text to Grant Passage assignment.
  • Clarified faction allegiance text description of Ferengi Duty Officers from new lockbox.
    • While the correct allegiance was appearing, when the unpacked items were put on the exchange the description text was not explicit enough in describing the allegiance leading some people to mistakenly buy Ferengi Duty Officers of the opposite allegiance.
  • Modified the various artifact hunting assignments including "Recover Artifacts from...", "Collect Artifacts from...", "Salvage Artifacts from...", "Study Ruins on..." among others.
    • If you have completed the first step of the Children's Toys assignment chain to fabricate a Mark XII console, these assignments on a critical outcome will sometimes award the Strange Artifact needed to construct a Mark XII console.
    • Exploration CXP has also been increased for these artifact/ruin assignments.

  • Made the U.S.S. Kirk consistently an Exeter-class cruiser, NCC-91277, in Diplomatic Orders and City on the Edge of Never.
  • The NPCs in City on the Edge of Never are no longer typing on non-existent consoles.
  • Updated Frozen to resolve issues with the cutscenes.
  • The spawned NPCs in the Starfleet Academy event will no longer attack the vendors.
  • Construction explosives in "Boldly They Rode" act 3, Intruder, are no longer present unless the player fetches them earlier in the mission.
  • Updated Saturday's Child:
    • The Sky Demon is now no longer player-targetable until the prior mission step is completed.
      • This prevents possibility of becoming stuck during mission by doing steps out of order.
    • Replaced a missing period in one line of dialog.
    • Added waypoints for the final space battles.
    • When the mission is completed, mission tracker in sector space will now read "Hail Starfleet" instead of "Depart System."

  • All STFs now feature a respawn timer that gets progressively longer every time a player dies and respawns, up to a max respawn time of 2 minutes.
    • The time stack will clear after 3 minutes of play without a death.
  • Mission completion loot bags on Space STFs will now spawn at the player’s position on the map, instead of central location on the map.
  • The drop rate for Mark XII Borg Tech has been increased.
  • Khitomer Accord Ground:
    • Players must now clear the majority of the the upper levels of the underground facility before they can proceed deeper into the base.
    • The Optional Objective timer starts after leaving the first room.
  • The Borg transwarp gates in the STFs are no longer immune to carrier pets.
    • The pets will now properly attack the transformers.

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