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04-19-2012, 08:17 AM
I hate to point to this...shudder... but look at World of ******** and the Horde UI.... its a nice tone of red that 'sells' the fact that the the Horde... but without giving you massive headaches.

I've actually had this conversation with several in my Fed fleet and the general agreement is that its an annoying tone of red and that's typically a general point of annoyance when trying out the KDF side.... THAT SAID.... i fully recognize that if I had played it a little longer then I probably would have gotten used to the colors.

Re: new colors for the HUD... i like the concept but at the same time I recognize that from a 'internal branding' standpoint the Devs might prefer sticking to 'Fed colors' and 'KDF colors', so if that's the case then maybe add in a neutral grey/black color scheme similar to this forum's palette?

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