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Wanted to throw this out there on the off chance that it something others have thoughts on and/or the Devs meander into this and say 'hey, okay not a bad idea'... (Yes I used 'meander' in a sentence lol)

Also, I've read reports about certain bugs and little quirks (quarks lol) with the PvE Queue system but have yet to see anything pertaining to this.

Joining an existing game is a PITA. And there appears to be absolutely little rhyme or reason for what shows up and what doesn't in the existing game queue.....although I'm sure there actually is I have yet to read about it or figure it out

For example, I might have four fleet mates in an infected space, private match or pug with one dropped, and they could be in there for 30 minutes and in need of help - but it doesn't show up?

There might be games in the queue that shows 4/5 players, but the 'longest' one only shows an elapsed timer of around 5 minutes.... okayyyy.... so there isn't a way, short of complete chance, to have a friend jump in and help save the day....


Like I joked earlier... appears to be little rhyme or reason to the queue system 'join existing game' mechanics... but if I had to guess....

Is it that people can't join existing games once optional timer runs out? Makes sense if that's the case I guess then you'd have people jumping right in at the end and getting the reward loot bag for little effort

But hey I'd be fine if we didn't get the loot bag, again my argument comes down to helping friends out. Heck if that is the reason maybe create an accolade lol... where if a player 'volunteers' to join an existing game X many times out of the kindness of their heart they get the 'Life Saver' title

Also, some games show 'idle'... whats that all about? Is idle referring to the moment when fighting has ended and players and grabbing their loot bags?


So my question/thought is that if/when the PvE queue gets an update, what about doing something similar to the instance map and show which existing games have friends/fleet mates participating in it? And if the 'timer' is designed to keep people from jumping in last minute getting loot.... then make it so they can't or something similar - its set up like that in the main story lines with the episodes... you can jump in to help you just don't get the reward...

Again, the loot bag isn't the first concern here, rather its when a bunch of friends are stuck in an impossible situation and are at the point where they have killed an hour or more for nothing... or even not friends for that matter.... nothing is worse than doing an STF and having someone leave on ya... and not having any chance to complete the mission... and I would be more than happy to jump in an help even strangers...

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