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04-19-2012, 11:07 AM
Gal X Build

This build takes advantage of doffs to speed up Hull heals and Shield recharging.

I use 3 Rare Maintenance Doffs that each reduce my ET3 cool down by 6 sec which should put my ET3 cool down at 12 sec but I can only get it down to 15 for some reason.

Having the CD on my ET3 reduced to 15 sec makes it possible to only slot one copy of ET.

I also use to Rare Damage Control Engineers for a chance to reduce the cool down on my EPTS3 to about 25 sec when the proc hits

I use all Mk XII (Borg) Phaser Beam Array with 1 Dual Phaser Beam Bank loaded up front.

I use the 3 Piece Borg set with the Maco Shield.

Engineering Consoles
Cloak, Mk XI Rare Neutronium Alloy, Mk XI Rare Tetraburnium Hull Armor and Borg Console

Science Consoles
MK XI Rare Field Generator and MK XI Rare Shield Emitter Amplifier

Tactical Consoles
3 x Mk XI Rare Phaser Relay

My X turns like a turtle with a bus parked on its back and I tried to boost it with MK XII Rcs consoles but I needed at least 3 to make any real difference and it was just not worth the space so I decided to just speed up my healing skills so I could tank better.

Using my skill points I was able to get my weapons power to 125 and my recharge rate is pretty good when firing my beams.

I opted to good with all beams so I would not have to be bothered with lining up shots for torpedo.

Using Aux Battery I max out my healing from HT2 and ASIF3.

I have outstanding Tanking ability and Iím no slouch in the DPS department has well.

Turing seems to be my handicap but Iíll live with it.

I was thinking about picking up the Odyssey pack so I could mess around with this build and try out the helper escort and the saucer separation.

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