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04-11-2012, 05:35 AM
Originally Posted by Destinii
... The Gal-R as it stands certainly isn't worthy of being a VA ship. It needs some kind of boost.
As Destinii said, it's underpowered as it is, it would only be a cosmetic change in its description. So instead of it getting a boost it shouldnt be getting a boost
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04-11-2012, 11:14 AM
the galaxy R just needs its 2 LT and ensign station made universal, it was a huge modular ship, its setup should be adjustable to that degree. being just low level stations, there isn't terribly dangerous powers you would suddenly have access to or anything. this wouldn't create a ship more powerful then the odyssey or anything. if you use any of those stations for another engineering station, you should get a 5th engineering console slot. use 2 of the 3 universal for science, a 3rd sci console. use 2 of the 3 universal for tactical?, a 3rd tac console.

the dreadnought is more purpose built and inflexible, its fine as is, but the R needs something desperately. the intrepid benefits from its 3rd sci station, the defiant is moderately inconvenienced by its 3rd tactical station but has the best movement ability and a cloak, and the galaxy R is overcome with global cooldown troubles and is a less effective healer or damage dealer with it's station and consoles then any other choice available, separating your saucer addresses none of this. regardless of the 3 of them sharing the same kind of uniform setup, they are not equal. the galaxy even has a canon precedent for a more flexible station setup like the one i mentioned.

this needs to happen, there is currently a worthless ship in game, a popular ship with the worst combination of stats. that is not balanced of good game design to have a popular ship just plainly suck.
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04-14-2012, 07:55 AM
Originally Posted by CPT.Tomislav View Post
P.S. Aries2507 nice list, thanks for the effort of getting all this info from various threads to a single post
it took a little while to trawl through the forums various threads but i think you would agree it was worth the time and effort.

there were a few other rumours but honestly they were so ludicrous it seemed silly to add them to the list but it seems apt to add them here if only for a little fun.

The rumour mill part 2 "the silly rumours list"

#1. You will have to buy a whole new Dreadnought that has the separation as an innate ability. (it was also rumoured this would be a battle cloak but was later dismissed as pure fiction)

#2. There will be a Galaxy Pack containing all the Galaxy ships with "all ship" compatible consoles in the same way as the Odyssey pack (this was actually in the works but was later dismissed by the Dev team)

#3. Once the Galaxy consoles go "Galaxy universal" that ANY of the Galaxy class variants could use the Dreadnoughts cloak. (due to the Dev team wishing to limit the cloak to certain ships this was never going to work)

#4. The dreadnought would receive the Odyssey treatment giving us an Engineering and Tactical variant of the ship (again this was dismissed as the current Dreadnought IS an engineering ship at for the Tactical rumour read on)

#5. The Dreadnought is going to be totally refitted in game to make it a more "Tactical" ship by swapping out a Lt engineering Boff for a Lt. Tactical Boff. (although this has not been completely quashed it seems very unlikely given the huge tactical advantage granted by the separation console)

#6. The Spinal Lance will receive a smaller cool down but have its power somewhat reduced making it more usable but less powerful (yes this is unlikely but again would this be the worst thing in the world? we asked some PVPing Klingons....there vaporized atoms declined to comment)

and the one rumour that has haunted these forums since the Dreadnought was introduced...

#7. The Dreadnought will be able to alter the "energy type" used in the spinal lance to match the majority of the ships equipped weapons eg: if you run a Disruptor barge your spinal lance will fire disruptor bursts rather than phaser ( now i for one would in many ways LOVE this to come to fruition but honestly its never going to happen...but there is a reason its been on the rumour radar so constantly for the last year or so)

so there you have it, the various Dreadnought related rumours that simply didn't make the grade. Do with them what you wish but honestly it is widely believed that these are simply never going to happen and should be treated as the fevered dreams of madmen
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04-14-2012, 11:53 AM
Originally Posted by discovery7810
That's the answer but most likely they won't give saucer sep as free gift and make Galaxy retrofit obsolete so the rumor kind of made sense. I'd rather have free improvement over the existing dreadnought than a 1600 cpoints worth of another console. The dreadnought only has 9 consoles as it is not 10 as with the Odyssey.

The Galaxy Retrofit is already obsolete.

Originally Posted by Ebeneezergoode
But then you run into the problem of downgrading something that people've already spent money on in a pretty fundamental way.
Other than it being in the RA bracket, which means its available earlier, there would be no other changes made to the ship.

I don't see the issue with that.

I can say there is no way I would ever pay for the Gal-R just for the separation console.

The ship is currently obsolete and has no reason to continue costing what it does.
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04-20-2012, 07:24 PM
Look all I got to say on this is if it does not have a Commander Tac or a Uni slot I am not buying it I mean I all ready got the Dreadnought with the max Lt Tac slot and that is BS so in order for me to buy it like the Odyssey it MUST HAVE AT LEST A COMMANDER TAC SLOT OR A UNI one.....In Fact if I think it should have no less then 3 Tac console slots like my Odyssey as well

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