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04-10-2012, 04:04 PM
The only two things I really want are Fleet Spacestations and some of the TOS related equipment and ship interiors added to the Foundry as well as group authored Foundry missions.

Both of these have been listed as Season 6 but no real hard commitment. If that is done, then I will have another two years of fun to be had!
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# 82
04-10-2012, 05:11 PM
How about fixing the old problems before making and releasing new stuff???
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# 83
04-10-2012, 05:44 PM
I had a thread called potential additions that i made in february, that you at cryptic could search for, or would that break a rule here?
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04-12-2012, 05:47 AM
Any improvements to the warp in and out cinematic plus the ability to enable and disable the engine trails?
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One thing that I have wanted to ask cryptic for a while is this. Im now flying the Intrepid Class Science, (identical to voyager)

Will there be a patch soon so that her interior will look like voyagers? Such as sick bay as well as main engineering? The interior of the intrepid class is all wrong, including the bridge pack available for it. Will this all be fixed?
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04-16-2012, 12:49 PM
When will we get and answer to the Starships: Model errors, issues and feedback thread? Alot of players have mentioned alot about the ships being inaccurate to thier counterparts? Would be great if a dev would post now and again in there so we know what is happening every month of so. Just a small updated please.
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# 87 Good questions
04-16-2012, 04:46 PM
1) will emote packs be put back in the c store since I still have emotes that are locked like the airguitar.

2) will dilithium rewards be heavily increased so we can trade them in for c store points on the exchange since the current rates are rediculous, since originally this was to help some of the poorer players ingame or those in general who may not be able to afford points at that particular moment. Its very unfair especailly to those who are F2P

3) What is being done about bullying on the F2P players by some life time members?

4) will it be possible to earn life time membership via the monthly scheme or block membership scheme it would be great for its a lot of money for some of us to shell out in one go I know I can't but it would be nice to be able to do that and whatever we have paid should count towards that amount. I am currently a monthly member for that reason.

5) Why are the master keys not earnable ingame I don't see the point the whole box thing just sounds like a long winded way to get money out of us tbh most people I have spoken ingame would rather spend their c points on ships or constumes for avitars etc.

6) If these lobi crystals are supposed to be another whacky currency then why are they not earnable or findable ingame via drops or as mission rewards makes no sense to me?

7) why is dilithium not findable in the sto universe since in the Trek universe it was supposed to be one of the most ambundent minerals in the univers and come to think of it what about gold,latinum and silver also diamonds? What happened did the universe run out of these things lol

8) why does quantum slip stream have a cool down and why is not available all the time if it is supposed to be apart of the ships engines again this makes no sense?

9) why does transwarping cost Energy credits?

10) why do we have to buy extra character slots is there a practical reason for this or is it just to get more money out of us including constume slots and ship slots also bank and inventory? should not these things be uniimited unless there is a good reason I don't see why not?

11) Why do diplomatic missions give such low xp especially when you have to sometimes speak with several npcs and you only get 10 what gives with that?

12) Bound items why? surely you could engineer some way of us being able to make items unbound for a small EC fee?

13) Why can't we clone items like weapons or equipment for our characters on the same account?

14) why can't a Vice admiral premote other toons on that faction to say Captain at least then you would not have to play through every mission in order to level them up its kinda boring having to do that or excelerated promotion of some kind?

15) Will you add more custome colours to avitar related items like combages and clothing etc there are other colours also some nice patterns would be good and more styles like gothic or oriental.

16) will you make it possible to apply hole colours to ships not just patterns so for example purple with pink poker dots it would add some nice humour and brighten things up in the ship design department.

17) Will it be possible at some point to be able to literally design your own ship from the ground up a seperate server maybe needed and then you upload it to holodeck I know there maybe some technical barriers but we put man on the moon and built a space station in orbit of the earth so am sure this should be a walk in the park for you .

18) I feel that transvestites are not acknowledged ingame I speak since I am one and I would like to be able to put female clothes on male characters and I know some people on here will say yuck but Star Trek in general is about difference and variety being good things.

19) Why do doff assignments have to take such huge lumps of time maybe 20mins tops but why 20hours it does not change anything you still get the same rewards for that doff assignment?

20) Will more social activities be incorperated into ship interiors like holodecks to be able to take part in novels like Data did when he played Sherlock Holmes this would add a new demention ingame plus it would give sto a edge over its competitors.

21) WIll more social activities be availabled on planets like earth and Risa for example sports sailing,volly ball swimming even? after all Risa is a holiday planet

22) Will Earth be increased so we can go to other countries I know earth is bigger than just the accademy I know it is lol

23) Will you make it possible to buy clothes from other species like Orion, Cardassian and Klingon etc for Fed characters and the same for the KDF side in the Trek universe people did that all the time

24) WIll there be an increase in sexy casual wear like when you go to Risa bikinis that kinda thing after all you have to get out of that uniform sometime and let ya hair down not be a vice admiral but a partier.

25) Club 47 ever play different music and maybe request stuff to be played from the dj I know there will be liciencing issues to be addressed but it would be nice

26) Earth space dock decor is awful a little colour would not go a miss on the walls and flooring I mean yuck grey everywhere come on we can do better than lol

27) Will you ask Seth Mcfarlane if he would like to be involved in STO as in putting his Characters ingame as playable avitars I would even spend some C points especialy if they had things to say too but I would settle for wondering around as Stewie, Brian, Peter and Louis etc from the Family Guy univers plus he is a Star Trek fan
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04-21-2012, 12:38 PM
Will you ever allow the use of the Saucer section? Along with its antimatter spread. The ability to stay in both sections permanently (minus when you need to warp out, when in the saucer). The cool down time is also horrible. The MVAM has a more tolerable restriction. The cool down clock should also be counting down when you're on ground missions. Saucer separation should be allowed in sector space. The saucer would just re-spawn, like a pet, when you enter a system.

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