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Before I continue, this thread is simply taking into account the visual aspects of the interior, nothing at all to do with the ships performance and abilities which ARE impressive all on its own. This is purely a cosmetic detail that I think needs to be addressed or in the general scheme of things it will continue to deteriorate with future lock box ships.

With that... Cryptic should add a small alcove behind the Dabo table for a trophy floor and trophy shelves in place of the hexagon shapes around the room. This would eliminate the meager "finish" of the back room by surrounding it with a personalized touch, Latinum Pile and Bricks for example.

Otherwise, and many agree, it clearly shows that it was unfinished, stuck those interact-able consoles in, and called it a day. Which seems to be a general theme with these lock box ships. In that make the outside look nice and skimp on the inside with no interior but the bridge. And no where is it more apparent then with this latest lock box ship. But I digress... the trophy floor/shelves will make the ship looked finished.
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04-21-2012, 04:52 PM
Totally agree, love the ship itself, however, was a little let down when I realized I couldn't put my GPL floor trophy down on my Ferengi ship, it would make it look more finished!?

Also, where are my other bridge officers...only see 2!?

And...ummm, any chance we can get Holo Leeta to stop standing ON the Dabo table!?

Possible future update?

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