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Lately I've seem many threads on how the devs should change this and that, and I feel that I have a few ideas that might rate some discussion.

First up is how to make all the weapon types valuable at end game, specifically making Tetyron, Plasma, and Polaron as useful as Phaser, Disruptor, and Antiproton.

Energy types:
Plasma - Instead of the plasma fire proc, how about a proc that increases received projectile damage by 20% or so for 10 seconds. Perhaps the plasma fire weakens the hull instead of damaging it.
Tetryon - With the recent change to Power Insulators, the shield drain has taken a hit in effectiveness. What about changing the drain to reduced shield damage resistance, say -5% or -10% SDR for 10 seconds
Polaron - Change the -25 subsystem power to a proc that reduces Power Insulators and causes weapons to use more power for 5-10 seconds

Projectile types:
Photon and Quantum - both seem to have very similar procs, how about changing them so that one has bonus crit damage and the other have a chance to increase ability cooldown time for a few seconds
Transphasic - could extra shield penetration be chanced to a chance to bypass shields completely

The STF space missions as they stand are very DPS focused, I'm not sure what should be done to make all ship types useful in Infected and Kitomer Accord, but I have an idea for the Cure. Instead of the static Kang and Cubes, how about an escort type mission. My idea is that once the mission begins one player approaches the Kang and tracotrs it, the tractor ships weapons and offensive abilities are disabled while the tractor beam is engaged. The other four team members then need to intercept probes and spheres while the tractor ships moves the kang from checkpoint to checkpoint. The last ship that tries to intercept the Kang should be Cube. These changes would make a mission where ship types have value; Escorts stop ships by destroying them, cruisers can distract and tank them, and science vessels can use their crowd control and healing to great effect.

I don't know if STO's engine will allow it, but can the game use different rule sets, say Item A or Ability B have a PvE and PvP values, so am item or ability could be balanced for PvE and PvP separately. The change should not need the player to swap anything (the value switch is automatic when joining a PvP map). This could allow the devs to let us have strong anti-ship abilities and powerful abilities in PvE and still have a good balanced PvP match when we want it.

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