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# 1 d'Kora swarm rockets bug!!!!!!
04-24-2012, 05:03 AM
hey there!

ive got myself a Ferengi D'Kora Marauder this week...
now i noticed a problem with the swarm rocket's hot-key;
whenever i have torpedos equiped on my d'kora, and set
them to auto-fire, the swarm rocket hot-key from the d'kora
universal console keeps BLINKING all the time, making it
almost impossible to actually hit the button, to fire these
swarm rockets ( im not sure if it has anything to do with
my duty officers that i put on space-duty. ive got 3
projectile weapon doff's on space duty to reduce the
recharge time of my torpedos... now when i go to the swarm
rocket hot-key, it shows me 3x 20% chance reducing the reload
time for 4 seconds. maybe theres a conflict with the auto-fire
torpedos and the doff's that reduce the recharge time of torpedos.
i dunno, but fact is; the swarm rockets hot-key keeps BLINKING
constantly (locked/unlocked/locked/unlocked). its mostly taking
forever trying to push the swarm rocket hot-key in the right moment

PLEASE!!! can you look at this? its only like this when using torpedos
set to auto-fire... when i equip beam banks instead of torpedos, it
is no problem. this blinking hot-key bug only happens when having
torpedos equiped and set them to auto-fire mode....

please fix this asap. it would actually be VERY nice if you could just rightclick
the swarm rocket hot-key, to set it to auto-fire. just like every other weapon
hot-key in the game. but if not, please fix at least this blinking problem...
its making it very hard to use swarm rockets at all, when using torps at the
same time

i really like the d'kora. the setup im using does alot of dps and the d'kora can
take some doing almost as much dps as i did with my guramba sidge
destroyer. but not being able to use the swarm rockets correctly makes me
miss my guramba considering that the guramba javelin can be shot like every
minute and the swarm rockets need 3 mins to reload, the rockets should at least
work correctly imo...

well, i hope you can rebuild this bug with my describtion, and fix it fast
thank you!


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