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04-24-2012, 08:23 AM
there certainly has to be something better to do with your DOffs once you got all the chains done, have an all Purple Roster and all the CXP Tiers maxed out.

i think the DOff System is an awesome system with endless potential to add stuff on top of it, love it, love it, love it !!!
...but, i'm thinking it still needs SOME sort of "Endgame"
"DOff Endgame", right now, i imagine as
flying around, rapid firing every half decent looking dilithium assignment i see,
not thinking much about traits anymore because all purple roster+first officer suggestions = success anyway
and not caring much about many DOff pickup missions anymore (at best i may want to get some of those new Pakled DOffs with that new "looking for things" trait... to get mission xyz with the new shiny reward of the month done efficiently)

- no need for good CXP missions anymore, you don't have to be picky about what you start.
- no chance to EVER loose a DOff = no need to ever get new ones
- only new items / new chains / new tiers will be interesting at that point, and all of those will only be entertaining for as long as it takes to complete them.

this *Player vs. Player DOff tournament*-idea from the Nagus could be one Endgame Event / Activity for the DOff System.
The System sure needs more than that but i'm sure it would be a cool start.
It really sounds like something for the Event Calendar,
3 hr event 3 times a week.
All of DOFFJOBS channel and everyone else storm to one location (like Drozana Station) and log in to do a huge tournament with multiple stages, different categories.
Cool Prizes for the winners etc.

"Cardgame Tournament" in general sounds like a cool idea, i'm just blanking on how to implement something like that in a way that makes sense in a Star Trek Universe Lore sense.

for the record:
i think it will take around 6-12 Months before we see a real need for any kind of DOff Endgame activities, at least if we look at the whole Playerbase and how long it may take the halfway interested player to max out the different CXP Tiers and how long it takes to get a decent DOff roster (the NPCs at the academies sure made it easier and more predictable for casuals to get better DOffs), but by then *something* should be ready.
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04-24-2012, 09:34 AM
This idea could take some inspiration from Pokemon. Each player enters 3 doffs into the match, then they "attack" each other with their traits.

"Dolida (Advisor) used Seductive!"

"Gaavrin (Deflector Officer) resists with Stubborn!"

<dice roll>

"Gaavrin was seduced by Dolida. Dolida wins!"

Obviously not every trait would fit into that very well, but this was just a silly idea anyway. >.>
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04-24-2012, 02:07 PM
I agree that it is an interesting idea and deserves further investigation down the line.

In particular, the notion of a DOFF "endgame" of some kind, be it DOFF vs DOFF or something else.
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04-24-2012, 02:26 PM
Originally Posted by datashade View Post
Remember that a consequence of DOff assignments includes the permanent removal of DOffs under certain circumstances. I'm sure that counts as "interesting" - when some newb buys a Cadre, loses half of 'em on the first assignment 'cause they didn't know what they were doing, then files support tickets or fills a board with angry rants - but "interesting" doesn't mean "good."

My personal suggestion would be that DvD function the same way as typical Doff casualty: whites can die but colors get sent to sick bay.

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