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04-24-2012, 01:25 PM
Mapolis: My pipe dreams. Hmm. That's a loaded question (laughs). I have a lot of ideas. Um, uh, let's see. Honestly, since I am already environment artist, I really want to have a lot of control over the environment itself, so. One thing I would really like is, um, a complete sky editor. So, that we can sort of, construct our own global lighting for every map. Um, that's something that we have in-game, and it's a whole lot of fun to play with. You can add, you know, all kind of neat effects to the sky, and uh really make something look really awesome and unfortunately, you can't do that in the Foundry. You have to use premade stuff. Uh, that's one thing I wish that we could add. Also, I really want a 3D editor, personally. I work with one every day at work, and it's awesome, and uh, there are definitely benefits to the 2D editor that we have within the Foundry. But, for really getting and doing fine detail work, a 3D editor is what's needed, you know, so um, that's something I'm also looking forward to.
Erroch: Yeah, um, yeah the 3D editor would be absolutely amazing. My level of editing started way back when, in the early days with Doom and Descent, and making 3D maps in Descent has just been uh, is kind of where I really got started with. Um, and from there it went to playing around in, you know, 3D Studio and doing designs in Maya and things like that. Which, I just got asked that question as I was saying it: What do you all use, uh, environment design wise? Do you all use Maya, or something similar to that?

Mapolis: Uh, yeah, we use, uh, 3D Studio Max here at the, at the studio for 3D work, and then we have of course, our proprietary engine for actually constructing all the environments in the game. Um, and then just, you know, we use a bit of ZBrush as well for some of the organic stuff and some of the higher detail stuff, and then Photoshop as our primary texturing tool. So, yeah, there you go.
Erroch: Alright, um, let's see. I think that uh, that is about it on my list. Um, I also have with us here DJs Kim Sharp and DJ Tanner. I've kind of been monopolizing the uh interview for the moment. But, uh, do either of you two have anything you all would like to ask?
Kim: Not at the moment, I've just been enjoying listening in. This is DJ Kim by the way.
Erroch: Alright, um, and I think we may have actually lost DJ Tanner.
Tanner: I'm still here. I just had my mic muted. (laughs)
Erroch: Um, but is there anything you'd like to ask before we move on, uh DJ Tanner?
Tanner: Most of the questions that were asked, were actually ones I had in my mind as well. Um, I, myself, admittedly, haven't messed too much with the Foundry, but what I have messed with I've thoroughly enjoyed and like I said, a lot of the things that have been brought up was things I'd love to see added in. Which, it's great to see some of them will be.
Kim: Yeah, likewise.
Erroch: Alright, well, is there anything, uh, you'd like to tell us about where things are going, or things like that before we wrap up, uh Mike?

Mapolis: Um, well, we are, uh, you know, the past year has been rough for the Foundry, uh, we realize that. But, um, we are working hard at shipping over a big, uh, bunch of changes and improvements to you guys in STO, so look forward to Season 6, because that will be a big Foundry season.
Erroch: Yeah, we are all looking forward to it. Uh, the last few seasons have been absolutely amazing, and are really doing great for keeping players involved in the game, and drawing new players in. So, um, I think uh, I think that is all that I have. Thank you so much for uh, now as soon as I say that, I actually get somebody else sending me a question. Um, let me see. Uh, no, we actually already did cover that. I was asking if there was a way to have uh, oh that is a different question: Will there be a way to create missions that uh, require solo play? Not allow your bridge officers, not allow you to be in a group, but just one person against what you throw at them?

Mapolis: Hm. Uh, I think we can probably make it so you can create maps that don't require a full set of bridge officers. That's, I know that's something that has been requested quite a few times, and I think that is within our capability, uh, we just need to kind of add that map-wide property to, you know, the New Map Creation dialogue. Um, as far as limiting it so that you can only play solo, I don't know, uh I think, um, that might go against the way the game works right now. I think you can pretty much take anybody with you to any mission. Um, so probably not that. Limiting your bridge officers, I could see that happening, yeah.
Erroch: Alright, well, like I was saying: Thank you for coming out and spending time with us. I know this is a bit outside your normal responsibilities over there.

Mapolis: Oh, I always love having interviews with the community. It's totally awesome. Thank you for the opportunity. (laugh)
Erroch: Uh, we are very very glad to have you. Again, folks, this is Cryptic's Mike Apolis, environment designer and one of the developers on Foundry. If everybody would, uh, join me in thanking him and uh expressing my gratitude to you and your boss. I think we started within y'all's working hours, uh, for letting you get away with this, I would appreciate it.

Mapolis: Sure, thanks again.
--- END ---
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04-24-2012, 07:46 PM
Thanks a bunch for the transcript! It's much appreciated, especially with that length. Kudos to the typists!
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04-25-2012, 12:44 AM
Thanks Mapolis & Subspace Radio! I enjoyed listening in.

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