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# 1 A few DO questions.
04-25-2012, 04:53 AM
The DO system seems great - and a way to fill in for/be better than the "rested XP" system a lot of other MMOs have. Basically a way to earn some XP when you're not online, or alongside your online time. That and if you roleplay at all... well... it's a great system for sure.

In typical STO fashion though, it's not explained all that well. I have a lot of really nice DO assignments available that I can't undertake because of missing things - "You are missing a required duty officer" sometimes, or missing some item. All without any explanation of WHAT "required duty officer" I'm missing and/or where to obtain some item I'm missing.

So - how do I figure out what DO I'm missing and how to obtain one? And for missing items, how do I find out what I'm missing and where to get it?

Also - what's a good/quick way to build up my base of DO's to send on assignments?

I did most of my playing long, long before this system was even thought of, let alone put ingame... Heh.

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