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(All purple disruptors and torpedoes)

1 DHC XII [Borg]
1 DBB XII [Acc]*2 [Crth]
2 Photon XII [Borg]

4 Turret [Borg]

3 Disruptor Coils XII purple

1 Monotanium XII blue
1 Rule 62 Multi Console
1 UBM 3000

1 Field Gen
1 Borg Console
1 Graviton Pulse Generator

Maco XII Shield
Omega XII Engines and Deflector


BO 1
TS 2

TT 1

ET 3
Aux2Str 3


TB 1
HE 2

I recently had two DHC and two copies of TT 1 but decided to test out a DBB with overload. It seems to do a good job all the same and allows more off-center firepower when I can't turn fast enough for the cannons to hit.

I like the dual photon launchers for torpedo spam especially since there are plenty of unshielded targets in STFs to justify using them. The Rule 62 console is great for boosting projectiles to that end, and it has enough of a EPS bonus to make a good replacement for a dedicated EPS console.

I like the graviton pulse generator and tractor beam for slowing targets down which is always useful in STFs.

Everyone who has a D'kora, please post your own builds and let me know what works best for you.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 2
04-25-2012, 06:36 AM
You don't have enough Tac BOFF slots to mix 3 different weapon types (DBB, Torps and Cannons/Turrets).

If you want a wider arc, get a single cannons instead.

This will at least be boosted by CRF and free up a Tac BOFF slot.

You could alternatively, drop the DHC and just go all DBBs and grab FAW but this does nothing for your turrets.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 3
04-25-2012, 08:23 AM
Since you didn't list the purpose of the ship, Tank, Healer, DPS, Support I conclude you want to use it as a Healer.

Disclaimer, this is pure speculation on my part as I do not own the ship, if I had it I think I'd be using it a bit differently (still Cannons) but trying to use the 2s Missiles from the Lobi Store over twin Photon Torp tubes. But I'd also be giving it to my Sci rather than Eng. This is based on running a D'Kora DPS Cruiser on my own Engineer who currently flies an Assualt Cruiser as a Tank. And I'd like to run it as twin Photon's and all AP, not so sure about the Omega Set.

OK OK OK, Fine, DPS it is.

So twin Torps build, that's at least 2 Purple Torp DOFFs

Choose either 2 DC's, 1 DC and 1 SC, 2 SC's or 2 DBB for your front weapons. Let's say Cannons.

2 Photon Torpedoes
2 DC's (What not DHC? Well your running 2P Omega for the Tertryon Glider let's max those Procs)

4 Turrets

TT1 > CSV1 > CRF2

EPtW1 > EPtS2 > RSP2 > DEM3 *
EPtW1 > EPtS2

PH1 > HE2

This is a build for Max DPS, and quite good Survival, you should tune your power setting so EPtW1 takes your Weapons Power to 125, the rest of the power goes to Shields your hoping to hit about 100. Everything else to engines. You won't need to worry about EPS, but pack at least Detrium Surplus and a Aux bat into your devices. Aux Bat is for emergency HE2 healing. The other two Devices would be best to have the reuseable device from the Devidian missions and maybe Fighters or a Turret.

TT for the buff and clense, CSV for probes in KA or any multiple target moment including Cubes, if you want you can go CRF1 and run two copies. High yield over Spread for dropping the Hammer. Replace CRF & CSV with BFAW and BO if you run two DBB's. But four Turrets aft you probaly better off with Cannons.

EPtW1 & EPtS2 in rotation based on the Dragon Flagship design. RSP2 for Emergencies and DEM3 to get through shields quicker since you have 2 forward torpedoes.

PH1 to get out of Tractor Beams and HE2 for a heal. And for non STF PVE, I would run a different Sci officer. Maybe Tractor and Scramble,

This is a Damage ship, it is not a Tank, it should survive the attention of a Cube but you need to get out of Dodge when that happens. It's damage arc is 45 not 180 or 250 so you have no broardside which makes tanking hard.

*This is a variable here, DEM is for DPS pure and simple but an extra heal, moving RSP2 to RSP3 and getting an Eng Team 3 is viable as is using AtS3 (especially with the Aux batteries) but I don't feel you'll be pulling threat super fast unless you specced into it. Besides with the buffed Shields you should be able to live long enough to get out of range, remember to use Brace for impact when you run so the Invis torp won't kill you.

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