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04-27-2012, 02:45 AM
I can pull a Cube back to me with it. I'm not running it for DPS I'm running it for it's Nerf factor.
yeah thats what i meant. i just thought that Aceton 1 has the same 50% dmg debuff as aceton 3, but if it does not have that taunt ability stick with aceton 3.

polarise hull is a cool ability, and thats why i prefer cruisers with an aditional ensign sci. But the thing is, that you can outank the dmg coming in while tractored anyway without polarise hull, and the transfer shield ability is more functional for teamplay and is an awesome shieldheal. So in short, it is more functional than polarize hull. Tactical team or reverse shield polatity should deal with the dmg on that one shield segment that gets hit during the tractor duration.

Tip: if you incline your ship 45% and face the gate xou can bring all forward weapons and your rear array into action. advantage to flanking: your torpedos are on target too. kind of the same as if you go underneteath the gate. that way all your weapons will fire on the gate too. but the advantage to that is, that you can stay at 9.9km distance and avoid being hit.

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