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04-27-2012, 01:16 PM
Originally Posted by Askray View Post
As I commented in another thread like this (which has just gotten more noticeable since F2P), no Cryptic nor PWE has sold your email addresses, nor have they been hacked (considering if all hackers took was the email address I'd be happier than a clam if that happened :p)

As I and many have also said, spam is a way of internet life now a days. It's sad, but true. ShadowDarter hit the nail on the head, programs now just randomly spout out email names and hope for a hit. If it hits, they take it and woosh that be that.

I have gotten the BMW email on 1 of 4 emails tied to gaming accounts here (all on purchased accounts for family members...yay having family in game ), the one that did was a addy. No other accounts got it, so I doubt it was from here.
Are you sure, I've been reading around and the implication is that Cryptic has had one of their databases I suggested in my original post (I am the OP but can't find my login details, probably because I now auto junk any emails from cryptic due to the email address being leaked).

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