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I hit Diplomacy Rank 4 on my Fed awhile ago, and it really took some time to choose what I wanted as a KDF-exchange officer. Nausicaan? Awesome armour. Orion? Yeah, there's that "token Orion Slave girl" thing that could be an option. Everyone's thought of it at some point. In the end I went with Gorn, for the imposing height over my otherwise all-human crew and for the "Bite" racial. I haven't regretted it since. KDF officers have a lot to offer!

So yesterday (or was it the day before?) I hit Marauder Rank 4 on my KDF main. I went to the vendor, and it's taking me awhile to choose again. Not because we have so many fantastic options, mind you, but because this time I feel like I'm choosing the officer I dislike the least. I had hoped that maybe there'd be something fun, like Caitian, or Aenar available (particularly to those who've bought them before on Fed). But we've got the standard, human/near human fare along with Ferengi...

I'm curious, to all those of you on Fedside who (unlike me) use a more varied crew outside of Humans and Saurians and those of you KDF-side who've already hit Marauder, what's your take on the options available to us as Marauder exchange-officers?


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