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# 1 Caitian BOFF Questions
04-28-2012, 01:25 PM
I finally broke down, after seeing all these lovely Caitians running around ESD, and bought a Caitian BOFF token, via the C-Store. The C-Store indicated that I could requisition my new Caitian BOFF via the Requisitions Officers at ESD, DS9 and Starbase 39-Sierra.

So, first I went to ESD's Requisitions Officer and perused her Caitian BOFF Candidate offerings. Ideally, I was wanting an Engineering Caitian specifically with the Space Skills: Emergency Power to Shields, Reverse Shield Polarity, Auxillary to Structural and Directed Energy Modulation.

The ESD Requistion's Officer had a close match (both male and female), but not exactly what I was looking for. So, I beamed out and flew off to DS9, to see if their Requisitions Officer had different Candidate offerings; only to discover that the Caitian BOFF Candidate offerings were the same as ESD's. And not just the same Engineering Candidate offerings, but the same skills through every concentration (Tac, Eng and Sci). Ditto all that at Starbase 39-Sierra.

So, what I'm wondering is this...are those the only available skill setups for Caitian BOFFs that are available? Or perhaps the skill set offerings vary from day to day, at all offering locations?

I've yet to log in and check out ESD, DS9 and SB 39's Requisition Officers again today. Yet, I would appreciate it if any one can clear this up for me before I commit to locking in my new Caitian BOFF.

Oh, and one last question too...I have the Caitian BOFF token in my inventory. When I finally do decide on an ideal Caitian candidate, must I equip that token before making my selection with the Requisitions Officer? Or will the Requisitions Officer automatically take my token when I've committed to a selection?

Any help clearing all this up would be greatly appreciated!

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