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04-29-2012, 07:33 AM
Originally Posted by buffout

I've been quite interested in torpboat myself for some time. As in process of gathering CP for B'rel i've planned to start with poor man's setup:

Breen set
3x rapid reload transphasic torps
1x cluster transphasic torps
2x transphasic mine
transphasic projectile damage tac consoles.
This is also something I've thought about.

The Transphasic Cluster is something everyone always uses, so it's best to use it in virtually any loadout. Can we have more than one?

The thing is, I also rely heavily on other torpedo types as well, mainly to fill the gaps between THY and Tspread. Yes, I can boost Transphasic damage, but I'd rather also have the ability to fire a Tricobalt and Hargh'peng etc with a significant boost as well. So even if I use Breen items, I'd use Warhead Yield consoles instead of Transphasic (or Trasnphasic, or whatever Cryptic calls them).

I like my Transphasics a lot, but I tend not to load more than 2x Rapid Fire Transphasic & the Breen Cluster... and if I deploy mines, they tend to be Chroniton, Quantum, or Tricobalt (or Breen Cluster, naturally) instead of using Transphasic mine launchers. I'd much rather have a Torpedo launcher aft to fire as I am going out of 10km range.

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