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# 1 The Vault: What is the time?
04-29-2012, 08:40 AM
Greetings my fellow Captains,

I appreciate the addition of The Vault Event for the end game, I also appreciate the addition of another group mission. As it's a mission for a 5-man-team I want to get a group of my fleet members and friends together to do it. As you all know, it's a shuttle event, therefore it needs a bit preparations as most players do not have a shuttle ready for action.

Sadly I still have been unable to find out at what times this event takes place - bad enuff that it's only on for an hour, but also the actual starting time seems to follow now pattern I could recognize, the event seems to start every day at another time. If I want to get some friends together to do it, I will need to schedule something for it - but I don't know at what time it will be, let's say for example on next Tuesday?...

Has anyone found out about a pattern or is there a 'Event List'? - Tha calendar only seems to work for about a day ahead... any ideas or suggestions?


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