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There have been several very thorough and ambitious suggestions for additional Bridge Officer Content, such as bridge officer development and mission implementation (similar to "companion" quests in other RPGs)

I personally have a few minor tweaks I would like to see implemented with Bridge Officers and the Bridge area in general!

First and foremost, I would like to say that the new on-board duty officer assignments are terrific. It really gives me a reason to visit the bridge (formerly, the only reason I would do so was to visit the transporter room on engineering deck to switch to a small craft).

The interior of the U.S.S. (INSERT NAME HERE) and events occurring there hav always been a major theme for Star Trek works.

Suggestion 1:
Since we can select department heads for the duty officer system from our BOFF roster, It would seem reasonable that the assignment givers for respective types of missions could be the BOFFs whom we selected for those departments. For Example; my head medical doctor's character model should be used as the doff mission giver in sickbay, my chief engineer in the engine room etc...

Suggestion 1-A:
On a separate but related note; It would be nice to see the random NPCs onboard our ship replaced with the character models of our duty officers (and placed in respective areas of the ship). I.E. I would like to see my Vorta biochemist in the science lab messing with a machine, or my El Aurian bartender in the mess hall.

Suggestion 2:
One of the major themes of Star Trek is camaraderie between the major characters. As STO places each one of us in the captain's seat of our own Trek series, It would be nice to see some more interaction with our supporting cast (BOFFs). There have been suggestions for addition of massive amounts of content (aformentioned BOFF missions at the top of this post), however I have a very easily implementable change which will (I hypothesize) greatly appreciated.

Dialogue in STO runs a check on player rank for dialogue; do your BOFF would say something like "Commander! The romulans have opened fire on the station!"
"Vice Admiral! The romulans have opened fire on the station!"

A simple tweak to allow your bridge officers to refer to you by first name would be very simple to implement; as I'm sure we can all appreciate the difference between
"He's dead, Captain" and "He's dead, Jim"

Suggestion 2-A:
More of an expansion on 2A, I noticed wonderful differences in BOFF dialogue between shared FED/KDF missions, which really added "personality and zest" to the crew. Admittedly, this would be an incredibly ambitious implementation, which I doubt will be added anytime soon or at all; but here goes.
BOFF personalities. On a basic level, let's say I have three different bridge officers. A vulcan, A klingon, and a Human. And to even further simplify the concept, let's have three basic personalities "logical, aggressive, and diplomatic"

In a certain situation, lets say an exploration mission, you encounter some pirates, the stralians who seem to like to harass the B'Tran cluster.

Vulcan/logical: "The stralians are a warlike race [name], and our allies here do not posess the means to defend themselves, it is logical that we deny these marauders control of this system"

Klingon/Agressive: "Let us crush these miserable Peta'Q! All weapon are ready to fire on your command [name]!"

Human/Diplomatic: "They're not responding to hails [name]... They're charging weapons! We have to defend ourselves!"

or when you're doing a anomaly scan mission and you have a borg sciBoff, he could say something about assimilating data etc...

This is merely a rough example of what I believe would be a beneficial implementation to the BOFF system, admittedly, updating existing mission dialogues to allow for this would be an epic undertaking, but It would be something nice to see applied to things with common dialogue (i.e. exploration clusters, DSEs)

Suggestion 3:
Now I know this has been said a dozen times, but Bridge Officers should be able to use Maco, Omega, and Honor Guard uniforms. I worked hard to get said uniform sets and costumes on my character, and am very happy with the way the look (Thank you Cryptic!). However, I never use them outside of STFs and Defera. On a standard PvE mission with BOFFS, it simply looks and feels very irresponsible for the captain to be only armored member of the away team while the rest of the crew is in their dress uniform.

Anyways, these are just a few Ideas I have about improving the BOFF system, some more ambitious than others. I would appreciate hearing thoughts anyone else has on improving the BOFF system, as well as feedback on my ideas (what you like/dislike, why something might not work, etc...)

On a final note; this is my first post on STO forums, It I have placed this in the wrong section SORRY!

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