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Hey guys,

Just thought i'd let everyone know:

The Sad Pandas Fleet have taken the initiative to create a new sub fleet called Sad Panda Cubs. It is a Space PVP fleet for those who want to become "haxellent" space pilots.

It is all about seasoned PVPers improving the state of pugs in PVP ques and making it a more enjoyable experience.

All we ask from you is:

You have PVP in your blood and you are willing to learn the Space PVP ropes. That simple!

If you would like to be invited into this fleet, just ask one of the Sad Pandas or the Cub Trainers in game, or even better, ask one of the Sad Panda Cubs. Joining the fleet is NOT a requirement.

We also have a channel in game called "Sad Panda Cubs". Drop in and say hi.

We also have a vent server open to all - PM us to join.

Even more importantly, if some of you seasoned PVP'ers have an old toon you don't use in any fleet and are willing to help the PVP cause, please give us a shout and you'll get the trainer positions.

This is not going to be a Panda Recruiting ground. More a stanalone fleet and a recruiting ground for others.

It will allow other growing fleets to pick up emerging new talent allowing for more premades in ques.
Maybe even become a standalone Fleet some day and beat us to a pulp

Happy PVPing & Space STFing!

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