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I'm sure this is completely useless in PVP, so how about in PvE? If one just trains 1 rank of this, can we use it to "sneak" up on/past NPCs? How about getting more ranks of Stealth systems?

Also, according to the wiki, MES gives:

+4655 Stealth
-20 Weapon/Shield/Engine Power
+40% Defense for 5 seconds after dropping cloak

Is the power drain per second like the console cloak, or just a flat -20 with it active?
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05-02-2012, 09:21 AM
It isn't useless persay, it is just outshined by many more useful powers. It's a flat -20 to those systems. The general consensus I've found is that specializing in stealth for MES is not a cost effective use of your skill points vs. the benefit you'd receive.
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05-02-2012, 09:35 AM
It sure is. I've just been dicking around with that ens slot on my AE, retraining my boff on a whim to try out all the sciy ens powers and was going to give MES a shot next. If I can approach a group of mobs undetected even with 0 ranks of Stealth, then it serves its purpose.

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