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and it happens all the time. for example, i join a pve mission against the borg. i try to discuss strategy before it starts and the other 4 players all take off in different directions weapons blazing. meanwhile i'm trying to protect kang and start getting hammered and no one comes to help. ships start blowing up left and right, name calling begins and we lose the mission.

i do get lucky at times and get with a good group that makes the missions really easy to achieve. i love getting borg stuff. need more maco 12 gear. :-)

i am trying to join a fleet to be able to work in a real team environment to increase the success on missions.
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05-02-2012, 10:01 AM
The funny thing is I just finished a KA ground PUG with half the team being first timers.

When I said the usual greetings they replied it's their first time, so I put on my 21st century dress and asked them to stick with me so they didn't get lost.

A Klingon lady and her Orion consort volunteered to take point and I led the two Federation officers behind them. Everything was accomplished without a word, with me giving tactical updates and directions occasionally to the two cadets.

They stuck to me like glue and sure enough, being in a distinctive civilian dress worked like a charm for them as I made a point to stand near critical passageways so the team could use me as a mobile waypoint.

We demolished Borg devices like pros and the chat was quiet except for me calling out instructions for the girl manning the shield control room. She waited for my ready cue before dropping shields and the team surprisingly barely missed the optional by only 5 seconds despite being half manned by first timers!

I got them all to the STFRecruits channel where we will be doing a full 5 man task force this weekend. STFRecruits will also be starting its own fleet comprised solely of like minded cadets who are strong on teamwork and have a strong interest in keeping ESTFs both accessible and drama free.

Everyone wants success, that's a fact I leverage upon when I lead PUGs to victory. A nice good morning never fails to break the ice, and greeting them first of all is a polite way to see if anyone wishes my assistance for tactical direction.

We can run like a SAS team storming enemy strongholds with coordinated fire and clearance maneuvers, or if the team wants to run silent and run deep I will take the initiative to fly and fight on their wing to ensure team success.

If the team is comprised of newer pilots or operatives, I let them take control of the situation while veteran players watch their back and provide effective support. I don't lead from the front for the sole reason, the new guys need to be confident and they need to know that in the company of veteran pilots and combat instructors they can rely on effective wingman and healing support at all times.

This concept of mutual support I believe, does not require a fleet for existence, it being a basic mental competency to look out for thy fellow soldier, and the sole reason why I prefer to play with PUGs is that it's a dynamic environment where innovation and creative collaboration is something very rewarding and has to be setup with care and I daresay, some love for putting the team's objective before one's own expectations.

The best reward for a cadet sometimes is not a flawless optional run, but knowledge of new tactics and new opportunities to run a second STF with the existing team. After all, we were newbies once and young

Aside from the above KA run we also did a full set of 3 space STFs with a partial PUG queue later and likewise it was fun with all 3 sessions involving effective public communications. One of the assault cruisers noticed I was riding shotgun on his wing in tight formation throughout Cure and sent an extend shields 3 my way and we used NCW style tactics to basically kick *** in record time.
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# 253 And Again
05-02-2012, 10:35 AM
There I was....

Just finished the first and only CSN of the day.

Logged in and said 'HI' like I always do.

Someone says 'I'll take the Kang'

I said 'Yippee'

I head off to the right along with two others (Oddy's as usual). The Third went to the Kang along with the guy who said he'd take it.

I start shooting nodes and notice the other two shooting the Cube.


One of them starts shooting the top node the other continues shooting the Cube.


They both leave and head to the Kang.

The guy at the Kang says 'I GOT THE KANG'


One of them comes back and starts shooting a node.

I kill all the remaining nodes then help the guy who came back finish his.

(Technicolor Rainbow Beams are completely useless.)

I get killed. OOPS

So I respawn and return to the Cube and finish it noticing there are now two ship already at the second Cube.

I kill the first Cube and head to the second.

One ship is shooting the Cube, no nodes are dead and BoPs and things are spawning.

The guy at the Kang says 'What a bunch of Noobes'

I said 'Yep!'


One ship is shooting nodes.

(Did I say Technicolor Rainbow Beams are completely useless?)

Now I see three ship heading to the third Cube.

The second isn't dead so I finish it.

The guy at the Kang is overwelmed so i help him real quick.

We both head off to the third Cube.

Two guys are shooting the Cube.


The guy that was protecting the Kang works on the spawning ships along with someone else and I work on nodes.

Two are still shooting the Cube.

I kill the nodes and then the Cube.

I say 'Someone Hail the Kang'

30 seconds left.

The guy that was helping the Kang get's there just in time with me hot on his heals.

We win.
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05-02-2012, 01:32 PM
I know it's not an STF, but I have a mirror universe event story

I am trying to level up 2 of my other toons, like most ppl I play the mirror universe events whenever I can. I was playing my FED eng character, who is lvl 14. So I am playing in the lowest tier of players eligible for this mission.

1 player was really trying to go for the option. I may be wrong, but I have played this event hundreds of times and have only gotten the option on a handful. As far as I can remember it doesn't give you any extra loot and only prevents extra ships from spawning from the repair docks when the Stadi emerges. Since the point of this mission is to kill as many ships as possible to get extra XP I don't know why people bother with the option, unless I am wrong and someone could enlighten me. :p

Anyways 1 player was uploading the virus to the sat's, he didn't communicate what he was doing. Just getting mad because he was pulling all the battle groups towards himself and moving onto the next sat w/o destroying the incoming group. Obviously the option fails mainly due to his own actions. This guy starts flaming like I have never seen before. With his caps lock always engaged he told us how everyone in the group was a noob and how he is so sick of all the idiots like us in the game. I thought he was jk, but he kept going on and on. He went on to tell us that we should all just quit now because none of us will ever be able to understand how to play the game. At the end of the mission he informed us that he took down all of our names and was reporting us all because of our poor game play.

I'm still not certain if he was a troll or just a teenager with major emotional issues, It was a little bit on the humorous side. The only reason he didn't go on my ignore list was because I wanted to see what his next crazy rant would be. So fair warning, lookout when this guy makes it to STF lvl because I am sure he will be responsible for a few more stories in this thread.
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05-03-2012, 08:30 AM
Had such a horrible time in my first Elite infection run. This one guy was just insulting and complaining to me and my friend. Mind you I have played normal, and my friend has played elite. So I knew the objectives. But this guy was complaining "I can complete this whole thing in 7 mins. Now it will take over 20, cause of you.".

Then he went on of him having all mark 12 crap. When our ships are setup with all mark 11 memory alpha items. Aegis deflector borg engine sub engines etc. We weren't gonna go in there with garbage. Me and my friend where doing one side while him and two others where doing the other. We took 40 seconds longer to destroy the borg cube and nanite healing junk then they did. But he acted like we took 500 years. Then was barking orders to use gravity well and how to setup our ships. My friend didn't die a single time while he was forced to yell at the other guy. And I died a total of 8 times. That's because I choose to have lower hull.

We still completed everything minus the optional, and got our junk. I'm really fed up with elite *******s trying to just complete the mission as fast as possible. Oh and the optional failed on the other guys end. Since all the spheres where heading to their side. While we were ignored.
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05-03-2012, 08:40 AM
Had the weirdest experience two days ago with an Infected Space Elite. In an all Fed group, we just popped in and took care of the fist three ships, after that everyone just spread out everywhere, left, and right. I thought this was going to one of "those" missions. 10 minutes later, we had not only finished the mission, but gained the optional. I'm not sure how it happened, but in the ensuing chaos, with no one talking to any one else, we had done it. I'm guess in the guy who went right had some impressive DPS. It was an ugly Win, but it was a Win!
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05-03-2012, 09:17 AM
It's totally possible to split up in ISE and take both sides down concurrently. If the team has four tacs, I'd even bring it up as a possible strat. It would be even better if the lone ship has placates.
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05-03-2012, 09:25 AM
Originally Posted by cliftona91
Carmenara, your "battlestar" cannons cruiser build gave me several ideas today:

1) First grand idea was a Build for my Recon Science Vessel to make it competent again after weeks of being mothballed. Nearly blew my entire EC stores to do it. 2 Tetryon Cannons, Tetryon Dual Beam Bank and Tetryon Turrets with required consoles and the works. Worked out alright, though I'm at a loss on whether to put Scatter Volley or Rapid Fire on it.

2) I went to my somewhat neglected Starfleet Engineer and took his Excelsior's phaser beams offline to put in some new cannons (retrain my tac boff in Cannon Scatter Volley. Her first real test came in a Distress Call right outside of the Sol System. She took down several Borg Spheres and probes and survived a severe pounding from a couple of cubes...and this is a tier 3 Excelsior. Can't wait to see what he can do in STF's
I've been using single cannons/turrets or single cannons/BA setups for a while. Unles youre planning on spending your time doing buckshotting the whole time with those cannons, I'd suggest rapid fire. Sometimes Scatter Volley backfires when you end up agroing something you didnt want to. You can always put one beam array on the ship and use faw when you have to (to shoot down heavy torps, or an AOE attack).
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# 259 COOL and Not Cool
05-03-2012, 09:50 AM
New release notes, 5/3/12

•Players may no longer queue for STFs if they are in shuttles or other small craft.

That's fantastic! :p

But the problem is it may take away from some of our bad STF stories.

They messed up the HUD big time. Fix one problem insert three more.
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05-03-2012, 01:52 PM
Originally Posted by whamhammer View Post
I've been using single cannons/turrets or single cannons/BA setups for a while. Unles youre planning on spending your time doing buckshotting the whole time with those cannons, I'd suggest rapid fire. Sometimes Scatter Volley backfires when you end up agroing something you didnt want to. You can always put one beam array on the ship and use faw when you have to (to shoot down heavy torps, or an AOE attack).
I went with Scatter Volley for my Excelsior because I'm sure it can take whatever is thrown at it (at that level)

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