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05-03-2012, 04:55 AM
I found this interesting :

Q: When will we eventually be allowed to group with feds outside of STF and vise versa ?

Any cross faction grouping is happening on a per mission basis. For Season 6 we plan to introduce a new PVP mission that allows cross faction teaming.
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05-03-2012, 05:22 AM
I'm no expert. But why does a different engineering room, captains quarters or crew deck require a redesign of how ship functions work? If I want to have a different engineering room on my ship I don't expect increased functionality just a different design.

I always wanted a warp core with 3 power couplings for my galaxy-x ;-)
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05-03-2012, 05:32 AM
Originally Posted by cdnwerefox View Post
Interview gammer for that group is terrible. 90% of the material listed as questions was so garbled it made no sense. The remaining 10% was just asking the same question in multiple ways. Future recommendations.... Don't talk to that group Mr. Stahl.
Actually the questions were fine, shame you didnt see them for what they were. This interviewer wasnt a fanboi. He asked the tough questions and Dan side stepped the largest majority of them.
Nothing wrong with the Interviewer.
A lot wrong with the interviewee, what Dan stated was this simply "No Comment"

Originally Posted by SierraBishop
For real that almost made me feel bad for the guy and more so Dstahl.
why? Cause he asked real questions that need real answers. Understand something gang, that person who asked the questions has been around a bit, they knew some of the BS/Whitewash/Smoke and mirrors that Cryptic has pulled in the past. Unlike other interviewers who ask the "fluffy" questions, he lobbed serious questions, which Dan avoided.
Originally Posted by Chronicle View Post
I can bet all my latinum that cryptic will require cold hard cash for un-customizable fleet bases that will do very little or nothing...

Just like the Captain's Table
no bet. Odds too much in your favor
Originally Posted by SHARKFORCE View Post
Why interview Stahl at all these days,the only answers you get are:

"After Season (insert number)"
"No plans at this time"

Yeah....very 'informative'
Exactly. Dan avoids the tough questions. plan and simple. That is fine if he wants to do that, but understand team, when dan left we had hoped things would of gotten done. If he made the promises or not his first go around with STO, he is the EP, and like that or not he is the person responsible. I stop worrying over the dev's, you want someone to hold accountable for the butchered state of the game, Gozer stated it best. Dan and Jack both have to ok any changes.
that is just plain and simple fact. so any changes you do not like, is not a dev fault team. IT IS the fault of the EP and CEO who approved it, that is their job, whom we pay as subscribers.
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05-03-2012, 09:00 AM
bad interview
bad questions (i facepalmed at least 3 times because it wasn't even proper english and just made no sense and was repeating the same question again and again)

all i thought while reading the questions was that this person had not played STO in at least 6 - 12 months.

lets put all the info of this interview together:

- Fleetbases = Season 6

- No, this is not Bridge Commander

- teaming works as intended (no surprise... if you want a proper answer ask if we can have a FED+KDF team up mechanic for the Defera Event, Borg Red Alerts and have FED+KDF join the same Fleet please... dStahl probably had no idea what the interviewer was even getting at here *sigh*)

- Account Bank will happen *yay* (but we knew that already, and again no Details on it)

- new PvP mission ( probably the Horde mode one Gozer is working on )
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Wow, not even the Interviewer could get any strait answers from him. In true politician fashion he dodges

almost every question except for the softballs. LOL Is the Interviewer a player of the game? or a forum user

because this treatment seems really familiar. I hate to say it folks but when a popular game sight like

Outpostgamz can't get anything productive out of a top Cryptic designer like dStahl then i feel this game

and the companies who run it are a lost cause.

Any thoughts gents and ladies?
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05-03-2012, 09:18 AM
The interview sucked because they were asking Dan the same questions every other interviewer has been asking him since he got back. Ive seen these questions asked over and over so i wasnt surprised the anwsers were consistant with what ive seen in the past.
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05-03-2012, 12:32 PM
Yeah, typical Dan Stahl interview. They should really stop interviewing him if he never has anything worthwhile to say.
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05-03-2012, 02:04 PM
I don`t see how this is DStahls fault.

Second question is about fleet spin offs and how this giant fleets can work on their starbases...who cares? The answer to this question is relevant for less then ten fleets...What do they expect? That Cryptic is focusing all menpower to make it happen, that two different fleets could work on one space station? Are they serious? There are much more important things to do...
Third question: fleets and mimimimimimimimim...

It`s okay for me not always ask for the topics you get thrown, but why not do some questions about starbases? DStahl is giving hints all the time (and this is not the first interview in this manner) but all questions are about fleets+mimimim, klingons+mimimimim and bank/inventar to small-mimimimimi....

Will there be different parts for starbases?
Which materials will it need?
Will we have to harvest those materials or will we get it as reward for fleet missions?
What could be done on a starbase?
How could they be attacked?
Will it have defense weapons?
Will there be any upkeep costs?
How much time will we need to build a starbase?
Will there be different rooms?
Will we be able to outfit those rooms?
How can we attack an other starbase?
Will they be instanced?
Will we be able to pick a location for our starbases?

So...less mimimimim...and more information. plz!

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