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05-03-2012, 05:00 PM
Personally I'm a bit torn on this. I know that there are certain times when they have to do hints they might not agree with that's being dictated by PW or CBS, but there are other times where it just seems like a matter of pride as in "even though the fans hate it that's how WE want it". I try not to call out devs or be a jerk to them because I don't know the story from their end or what they're being told by their bosses, but still it does seem that there are a lot of broken promises with this game with content, mechanics, and such that are unnessicary if they just were a bit more open and honest.
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Originally Posted by KnightTemplar_99 View Post
Are the Devs just lazy or are they overworked to get thing out in unreasonable timeframes? Most of the Fed ships that you don't have to pay for (maybe all?) have 3 different layouts which can be mixed and matched. There are even 6 different Fed Ship Costumes (which add more pieces). But it seems none of the new ships (and no KDF without buying from the C-Store, and even then the differences seem limited) have alternate layouts. I understand the ones from the boxes not having alternate designs but the others, particularly KDF, need the ability for customization (particularly since that is supposedly one of the things Cryptic prides themselves in). And no interiors other than bridges for the box ships, Really? The only options I can think of for this are that the Devs are just too lazy to add it, or there aren't enough of them to give decent content at the rate they are expected to. I'd like to know which it is and if there are plans to remedy the situation.
The ship customization in this game is getting more and more ludicrous.
The more ships theyll make like this, the more chance we can totally forget any form of new customization.

They cant even get materials to work on all ships, its just lowest priority to them. Its really not that hard to do some material work, even if we could just pick some different hue's for all ships...bleh

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