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05-04-2012, 05:54 AM
Originally Posted by bmr1580 View Post
I don't understand why PvE players seem to think they need all these gimmicks to be effective. I have yet to encounter a PvE mission that requires any more than my weapons and a shield heal or 2. You guys are not affected by player powers, we are. So yes, we are going to complain when something is blatantly over-powered when compared to existing counters.

It does seem that pets were toned down a bit. My FAW appears effective against them, now, at least.
You are all so jumpy I apologize I have written that post after a match with a saboteur in Infected. I fly drain Sheatfish(Kar'Fi) in PvE and now the siphons are useless. I think that Cryp wants me to shell out 30000 dily for the blue ones:p

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