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# 1 KDF/UFP Cold War ? ?
05-04-2012, 06:00 AM
Cryptic Developers have indicated that the KDF Faction is not active enough to deserve much or any additional work to be done to the faction. One Poll indicates 34% of users would like to play Federation, 33% Romulan, and only 13% KDF. These numbers were taken from only a few users and its accuracy for the entire STO community would need to be adjusted but most likely not by much, but also could be completely off the mark and if the KDF had more content I am sure more users would be interested in the KDF faction.

Even though I do not spend any time on my KDF characters due to of lack of content, I do see the added benefit in having multiple active factions. So saying this I believe a peace treaty between the UFP and the KDF will help the activity on the KDF faction and in turn STO.

Even though it would be a peace treaty between the factions just like the series it would be a love hate relationship or a cold war status.
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Cold War = A state of political hostility between countries characterized by threats, propaganda, and other measures short of open warfare.
Any current missions that involve attacking the other faction would still be playable due to the now cold war status, but a peace treaty would also open the other factions missions to be playable by both factions. Some adjusting to the missions and exceptions would need to be made. Federation missions that attack the KDF will not be shared with the KDF and vice versa. This would open a lot of missions to the KDF and many to the Federation. Very little adjustments to the missions would need to be made mostly slight dialogue changes.

I believe doing this would increase the activity on both sides and believe Cryptic should really look into doing this. Currently in STO the KDF and UFP are basically already in a cold war status, sharing STF missions, opening the borders, and so on. So why not just make it official and move alway from open warfare to cold war status and share the love I mean missions.

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