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# 1 STO freezes at the Launcher
05-02-2012, 03:27 PM
When I put in my password and hit Holodeck the launcher states its patching but then just sits. No little dot to let me know its loading or files flashing by as it does so, just sits.

addition: While in the process of a restart of my PC, I was told that the program Cryptic Joystix was not responding.
I forced it to end and was able to launch game normally.
Lt. Commander
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# 2
05-04-2012, 10:35 AM
For me its crash shortly after log in and beam down to Drozana.. crash to dialog box / desktop
GPU is at half temp for what a normal 3D
should be at according to tech forum at Nvidia..
So its not over heating case fine on dust bunnies intake exhaust fans working fine
Going down Implausible like of Troubles.. on tech issues sticky.
IM getting these internet code errors 3 now in 3 hours.. 1 before new Card driver 2 after..
Force verify reset PC .. other Beta workarounds.. never had these crashes w lower mem Card in Beta for Champions

Lowered settings so low or turned i'd be a stick woman.. if i had more options.
Some of this at Champions at higher settings in very crowded room..

Cryptics Second Gen Engine can glitch some cards when too many powers are activated in large groups like a Costume Contest.. or Bog you in STFs active PVP spam creates pets that draw resource like a fully active toon.

Haven't had these many Crashes right after the Recent patch before.
Nvidia's latest driver update seems geared to Optimize ME3
GL to you.. I force verified STO again and am Patching Champions.. now to nap.

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