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In my "completed" tab there is a failed assignment stuck ; i cannot turn it in. This is very annoying since i now have one slot less to use.

details ;


dosi officer exchange program (rare) one lost
location : beta ursea block
time to completion : complete
rewards : no reward
assignment outcome : blanco (possibly it said before that the doff did not survive)
casuality risk : none

The used doff was a white orion shield distribution officer, called Nulu. My doff roster on this char is currently 184/200.
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# 2
05-05-2012, 01:00 AM
This still is not fixed. I'm still doffing around on my main KDF with one slot short.
Maybee this is considered something to ignore because it doesnt affect many people. I cannot ignore it, since i spend real money on this char to increase his doffing capabilities.
Been quite some time now as well...
How hard can it be to unlock that slot for me manually, if you feel that a general fix for this -one time occuring problem- is not a priority ?

I send Heretic info, i asked gm help, i did a bug report.. basicly im getting a kafka style treatment ; a sends me to b sends me to c, sends me to a.
Internal communication anyone ?
My patience is getting at an end ; this combined with the many bugs that still hang around since i joined this game is to much.
My money will no longer flow into cryptic's direction.
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# 3
05-05-2012, 08:35 AM
I know that has to be incredibly frustrating. Hopefully someone reading this can offer some insight on how to correct the error.

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