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Weapons power level is draining at an accelerated rate


I use the continuous cycle of "Emergency Power To Shields 3" and "Emergency Power To Weapons 1" to keep both power levels at maximum. Whilst playing an STF, I noticed that the weapons power level was no longer staying at it's maximum. I first noticed this on 03-May-2012. I fly an Odyssey tactical cruiser with 6 antiproton beams. I have not changed my setup for several weeks. My power settings are 90 weapons, 55 shields, 25 engines, 30 aux.


This occurs during any space combat.


1- Engage in space combat
2- Wait for activation of "Emergency Power To Weapons 1"
3- Fire all phaser beams.
4- Observe power level drop


Any space combat area.


Any other information is based on what I have read on the forums, this is happening to multiple types of ship but some have suggested on beam weapons are affected and not connans for example. If this is not a bug then it is a nerf which I believe the players have not been informed of.

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