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Something I'd love to see in the C-Store, incremental increases in the dilithium refinement cap. Stagger it the way you do inventory slots / doff caps and what-not. I would imagine it would go something like..

No Purchases: 8,000 Daily Cap
1 Purchase: 10,000 Daily Cap
2 Purchases: 12,000 Daily Cap
3 Purchases: 14,000 Daily Cap
4 Purchases: 16,000 Daily Cap <- This would be the hard limit, doubling the amount a character can refine.

These purchases, as with inventory and doff purchases, would be character specific. Meaning you need to buy them on each character you want to raise the cap on. I imagine each tier would cost between 400 and 600 C-Points, maybe even make it so the more you purchase the more expensive it gets (to keep refined dilithium from losing its value.) I have no idea how popular or feasible such an idea is, so I thought I would post it for the community / developers to mull over.

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