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Like the thread says, please change so that every ship has at least 1 universal ensign slot.

Especially for pvp'ers an optimum build is a necessity, but where it stands now is that you are pretty much forced to use 1 particular ship which has the specific boff layout that you require.

So basically you cannot pick the ship you like or you will have to choose another ability you'd rather not use.

Especially this is true for the defiant, if you run a full DHC boat or even with 1 DBB for 2 beam overloads you always have 1, 2 or in the worst case 3 free tactical ensign slots left.(If you would use the Attack pattern doffS)

I think something needs to be reconsidered here.
I also think this would be a little more fair towards the 'older' ships we have in the game, non of them come with at least 1 puny univeral slot while are new ships and lockbox ships often have universal slots.

I know if we all could just pick what we wanted it would severely unbalance the game, but is 1 ensign universal for all ships too much to ask? It would really open up some possibilities to pick another ship you'd rather like. This might even bump cstore sales for you cryptic.

And we can clean up some of the mess like MVAM vs AE, which could basically be solved just by simply put a universal slot there. (add some restrictions if you want)

I plead cryptic to reconsider this so that we all have a tiny but more freedom with our ships.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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05-06-2012, 05:23 AM
As interesting point you do pose, you have to realise the game isnt just pvp, and I have found this with many games, that once you start trying to balance a game around PVP it will ultimately affect pve as well, and if that happens, that is when the nerf stick comes out and begins to beat one thing after another.

You can't and i do specify you can't balance a game around pvp, as pvp is just one very small aspect of this game. Think of it this way, all of a sudden you pop a universal ensign into say an intrepid refit, it suddenly add in an ensign tac office with torp spread lets say it will then make it less of a science ship and more of an light assault cruiser, and suddenly right there in those mechanics you have a ship which puts out more raw dps but that wasn't the design. It's not a light assault cruiser, its a science ship first and foremost. This is a very important mechanic. One that i dont think people should rush into too quickly and made these bold statements about every ship having it.

Just my 2 EC's

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