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# 1 Account reset/and or Hacked.
05-03-2012, 06:45 PM
I have been playing STO for a few years now and currently a gold member.

I got a little busy with work the last month or so and havent been playing much. Didn't think much of it till i got the password reset email in regards to the 2010 hack. I go on reset my password via the website and everything seems normal til I try to login.

Kept saying it was invalid and after numerous attempts I figured hell with it and had my username sent to my email.

Now here it gets even weirder. For some reason my account name was changed from "Nomad83" to "Nomad8324". Still didn't think much of it till I logged in and EVERYTHING was gone. All my characters, all my ships, all my points, gold membership, everything.

I created a ticket on both cryptic and PWE's support sites since I also have a PWE account (won't link for some reason tho). Haven't heard a peep out of cryptic and PWE ignored my question with some cookie cutter response about how accounts should link.

So here I am paying for STO and can't seem to get any help with getting this mess fixed.

Any ideas?

If they can't fix it I'm so done with STO I didn't buy the game (when it came out), subscribe and everything to start all over with a blank account.
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# 2
05-04-2012, 07:53 AM
I cant find the thread right off buy you need to create a ticket with HACKED as the subject title and nothing else. It's supposed to get special handling on their end and your account is restored with a backup. Use the ticket body to give specifics (ie dates, items missing, etc) as to what the problem is.
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# 3
05-05-2012, 05:53 AM
My situation is similar to yours. I am a gold account, but the cryptic has canceled my account "sodrick1" with 4 Playable Characters, all the cryptic point, all arms, all consoles ...
I sent 6 emails, and I respond with a "fixed" even if it is not resolved anything.
I am now 8 days that goes on this story, and telling us that they are solving.
But what are they solving?
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# 4
05-06-2012, 12:35 PM
Can`t load holodeck server, after so cold hacker attack on my old atari password,
new password is given, but i couldn`t come in this live game, always loading have a breakdown,

jokely tribble server function all the time,
so i can play on tribble but not on holodeck Server

don`t understand

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