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# 1 Ultimate Brel Build: Spike Killer
05-06-2012, 10:50 PM
Ultimate Brel- Spike Killer

Many of you who happened upon this thread likely have a multitude of characters at maximum level, of various classes in a variety of ships. You probably have one or two you are good at and like.

I only have one character, with /played 120 days+. Sometimes it pays to do one thing right, instead of getting your hand into every aspect of the game. To each his own, but for me, I have spent the last 2 years inventing, reinventing, and perfecting what I consider the ultimate (brel) spike ship. First to define my meaning, the number one maximum best top instantaneous damage deliverable in this game engine, is what im after. Killing poorly equipped players is one thing, but CONSISTENTLY downing the biggest most well defended ships/skilled players in the game in one pass, is entirely another.
The build:
Not gonna post skills u can figure it out, only key ingredients here are MAXIMUM torpedo AND energy weapon trees (even t5 (at least to 7 if u cant hack it), maxing out subspace decompiler and particle generators. Every other skill is up to you, and doesnt matter much.
Ive got 30 bridge officers I switch thru regularly, but my PRIME setup is
tractor cpb1 vm 1 psw3
highyield 1 beam overload 2 omega 1
hazard 1, tac beam 2
emergency power weapons, aux to id

fore antiproton dbb, quantum, trico, chron
rear trico, chron

khg set 2 borg set 2
i use borg engine and assimilated console, and khg deflector/shield
i use eps, rcs (luxury), assimilated console
3x particle gens
3x dmg mod of choice (lately i jumped p2w bandwagon, and ur tac consoles are least relevant/effective) grav pulse, iso charge, p2w of choice
and of course aux batts. lots and lots of aux batts

2 evasive doffs, 2 psw cd doffs, one tac beam turn doff

The basics:
Going to skimp here, as the brel, let alone the bop, is not for inexperienced players. Anyone who asks "what about staying power" or "what do you do when NOT spiking" misses the point entirely and can be directed elsewhere. Im sure sad pands would help you out, with a traditional "fedon" type build. (empsx2.. etc). Very simply hit and run. Specifically, maximize offensive output against a defender who is at his weakest moment. If you cant read the battlefield icons and ui animations, and dont already have a deep understanding of the games engine and mechanics, this thread is not for you. Even if you do exactly what i say, you will fail (as i do often) and end up cursing my name.
Even the very best players will not have 100% success rate with the methods Im about to layout here (probably why most people dont (no one else ) do what I do. Most people cant handle blowing themselves up with tricobalts lol. This is not for the faint of heart, or people who have an unnatural desire to not die in the game. You WILL die, alot on your worst day. But on your best day you will one shot Era Skysni (done it). Also if you get sad when u miss, you shouldnt do this build, as it is finicky and prone to little hiccups, that can ruin your entire offensive.

A three step process will lead you to inevitable victory, IF several conditions are met. (no miss/snbs)

1: Prep target.
After full impulsing directly towards the fedball use chroniton torpedoes and viral matrix/ fomm /grav pulse from 10km range without actually decloaking (neithers efficacy is reduced by power loss.)
Best case scenario: they react and hit every buff they have, and fly around like a nob on evasives. Worst case scenario: you are instantly killed by a beam overload when u reveal(it happens.)
At any rate, you will eventually become accusotmed to finding the right moment to begin step 2. The key buffs you DONT want to see on your target when u go in for the kill: RSP, empts3, rsf, tac team (the big one). If your target is not a good player, they will not hold their buffs till the last second (which often ends up being too late-thus people are not likely to do this). If they prebuff, or act to clear viral or fomm, you should know what to do. (wait for relevant buff to die off...)
But rest assured, even if you end up hitting a target with tac team and empts up(almost every target ever) all is not lost. Your odds of instant kill decrease exponentially the number of buffs your target has up. But, several of the buffs are not relevant in the best of circumstances: vm aux proc. Once u use vm enough, youll learn to "read" the enemy ship, and if you are real lucky/good, you will strike with everything during that time. Haz emitters, tss, polarize, asif, aux to id.. and mamny other buffs are worthless when aux disables via vm. Some other buffs, altho good, arent game breakers (bfi, omega, etc) Another thing youre looking for during this phase, is to accumulate GDF bonus. During my initial vm/chron release, I am often half hulled or worse. This only makes the kill easier.

2. Strike!
After powering up every single tactical captain power ( i mentioned tac captain is the best and only one really able to do instant kill spike damage reliably?lol), and beam overload/ high yield (use aux battery), you have a 15 second clock to double tap your tac boff specials. Its up for you to decide if you need to evasive in or can approach without evasives. Approaching without evasives is asking for an snb to the face by a high aux sci with a hot scan, or worse, instant death by any decent escorts aggro. The speed boost from omega and aux to id can SOMETIMES be enough. But not usually.Therefore I tend to evasive in from 10km out, at the very least for the initial encounter in an arena. If you are good you can ride that single evasives in for the kill and out traversing over 20km rather easily.
The begining of the strike phase, when u actually decide to GO, starts with tac beam and a hy volley. Fire one beam overload before u get close(use emptw to make ur second one full power). When u get close <5km, cpb, tractor, ull find u can maneuver at this point, and sometimes best to circle the enemy and hit the weakest /unreinforced face. Otherwise when you go straight in (preferably from the rear or side), you can line up every single one of your attacks to hit within a 1-2 second window. As you get within 3km your beam overload and high yield quantums should be hitting, pulse the shockwave/iso charge and drop a fore trico, and say goodnight. When this doesnt kill, circle around (rather easy as ur still on evasives) and follow up on the weak face with what u have left (not much. regular torpedo and dual beam damage isnt alot). An alternate is to quick 360 drop rear trico, this is highly advanced move, not really instant kill, i digress...... And of course step 3

3. Run like the wind. Sometimes getting out of range isnt necessary. But it almost always is. Find a good egress path before you go in, and brace for a likely death. Use your crap heal now (i just rock hazard emitters 1 usually) and pray to the pvp gods for a long stream of "miss" from your pursuers before u can re engage cloak.
rinse repeat

And thats pretty much it. Just remember, when you blow your load it is somethign fierce. This attack sequence can easily throw out over 100,000 raw damage in 2-3 seconds. The attack is devastating in team play if not fatal, the target will be left without a shield up, stunned, and at like 20% hull if theyre lucky. (and u did it right)

A refresher of the microanalysis of the attack (all this happens within 5-10 seconds)..........
Prep with chroniton/vm/ grav pulse. Wait for right moment (sometimes, immediately after firing these) Watch their buff cd timers. Hit all your buffs. Evasive in, use tac beam, cpb, tractor, to soften em up. at 10km fire quantums high yield 1, at about 6k fire beam overload round 1, at 5k cpb/tractor, now emptw, beam overload again, shockwave, trico, iso charge. Time this right and youll just see a blotchy yellow blurb pop up above their exploding ship, the games graphics cant even display the simultaneous devastation just unleashed. Youll have to read the log to see what happened

A lil quick math, even without any gdf bonus you can expect reliable numbers. (if u dotn get these numbers something is amiss, in your spec or build)
beam overload 20k
Quantums 20k per
Tricobalt 50k
psw 50k
iso charge 50k
(raw figures)

If ANY of these crit (they likely will) it is even more lights out against an improperly defended target.

What can ruin your day/ how to defend.
As mentioned before, simply saving the right buffs for the right moment can work, if u are lucky enough to get them off in time when that time does come (ui lag/bugs make this hard to do)
Stacking kinetic dmg resist gear will help you ALOT if not make u outright invulnerable to instant kills via torps/this method. Very simply, killing the attacking brel is damn easy. Snb/ ams/ scramble, quite a few abilities will wreck your attack.
Not to mention youll often die from aoe trico splash ha ha! The real trick is dropping the trico in a way to get a kill but evade the splash. This isnt easy to do.. BUT ITS DAMN FUN. I encourage anyone who thinks theyve dont it all to give it a try. Somethin special bout insta poppin cat carriers.. got to try to for yourself. GG GL HF sory for atrocious grammar/ spelling. ha ha thanks for reading

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