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Ever since the patch that reduced the BoP torpedo damage by 20% and changed their attack run pattern the birds of prey pets have been significantly less effective than a swarm of the universal fighter pet To'Duj.


1- BoP's split in different directions and attack the target from different directions. This makes four BoP's hit a target in 2 or 3 different shields making their damage irrelevant.

--- ToDuj's do not. They stay together and fire together at same shield facing.

2- BoP's now spend too much time maneuvering and circling the target rather than firing at it because of the new egress flight pattern.

---ToDujs do not. They keep firing cannon and torpedo nonstop.

3- BoP's react too slowly to recall orders: They stop dead in space for a few seconds before heading back to carrier and they fly TOO SLOW (slower than normal speed) when returning to carrier.

---ToDujs react instantly and return to carrier at top speed.

4- BoP cloaking device only activates at random and only upon egress maneuvers. This makes the BoPs die quickly from being shot in the hull. The BoP is a raider craft there is no reason it should cloak after it attacks...it should cloak BEFORE it attacks and decloak 5km from target and fire.

The sad thing is the BoPs had a perfectly working attack run pattern behavior before this all started happening.

You can see it in action here:


You can see the BoPs instantly turned nose to target, cloaked and accelerated as a group towards the target, decloaked at about 5km range, fired their weapons, egressed at top speed (putting them well clear of exploding targets) and responded INSTANTLY to recall orders and returned to carrier at max speed. The damage they did was excellent not because it was too high per BoP but because they struck all at once ...as a raider wing should.

This made them excellent attack craft and easy to control. Now they are completely unpredictable and mostly harmless.

Please return the BoP attack run behavior to this early version. In fact the only thing that needs to be tweaked of that old attack pattern is to have the BoP's slow down to half speed WHEN they fire forward facing weapons...that would give them more time to fire the dual cannon on target.

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