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This game is getting a little boring as all I seem to do is log on to get dilithiam and thats all! I wish that there could be like in star trek a little bit more than blowing ships up or beaming down to a planet or station just to kill stuff then beaming back, a tad adventure please or bit of mystery am hoping some of the devs see this and take a bit of note but I was led to beleve that STO would start to feel like Star Trek when and where is that going to happen, im sorry but EvE has a better Space to it and World Of ******** has a far better guild and over all community to it... Just hoping the new fleet starbaces wont suck too much!

Just to get me straight I am a huge Star Trek fan but this is NOT Star Trek, but its the only Star Trek out right now so I will continue to pay monthly for it also donate $10 per month for STOKED dispite thats just a Jupiter fleet Show!

Tim Jerrom (Jerrom@TimJ in game)
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05-07-2012, 11:42 AM
many folks have asked for variations of this over the last 2 years. the fact remains, this, is what we have. They have implemented the game this way, and I doubt they will change it much. DIL grind is part of the game, if you don't want to spend cash, you have no choice in the matter. As for what you were lead to believe, all I will say is that it was them who lead you to that point, and it is they, who has not delivered, thinking they will suddenly change after this long, may not be wise. History, and recent revelations tend to indicate things will not be getting much better, the ROI for it, is too low.

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