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# 1 Escort Boff for noob
05-08-2012, 11:23 AM
So - I've been playing this game for about 2 weeks now, happily flying around in escort not caring much for bridge officers. After a while I changed difficulty level to advanced and problems started.
Yesterday I encountered this guy : D'deridex Battleship in one of exploration system near DS9.
And I simply got ***** like 6 times in a row - I couldn't even pass trough his shields.

Finally I managed to feeding him with hargh'peng torpedos and stay alive long enough for him to pop from radiation.
Anyway - It made me take a look into my Boff and think about making better use of their abilities.
I just archieved commander level so I can fly heavy escort now.

So far my officers skills are :

Tac :
Tactical Team I, Torpedo High Yeld II, Rapid Fire III
Torpedo High Yeld I, Beam Fire At Will

Scn :
Jam Sensors I, Hazard Emiters II

Eng :
Emergency Power to Shields I, Reverse Shields Polarity

Could you give me some advice what can be changed here ? I'm going into cannon + torp setup for my ship.

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