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05-10-2012, 04:03 AM
Originally Posted by Colonial.s
Shame about the 1000+ days reward - I would love to see something like:
- FREE Skeleton Key (opens 10x Lock Boxes per Month)

Not that I'm even close to 1000 but it'd be nice to look forward to!
considering that a LTA is worth $5 per month now...

a Masterkey that lets you open ONE Box every 3 days would equal the 10 missing $ per month,
and yet only give you 10 lousy boxes to open which would not hurt Cryptic's borderline at all.

I think that's doable.

Originally Posted by SkeeterUK View Post
That page is so hard to read its killing my eyes. This is why lcars is a bad idea in general.
what? seriously?
i could read that just fine...
tzz Klingons! take every opportunity they can get to spit in the Federations face, now they complain that they can't read our fonts... pah!

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