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Hey guys I just wanted to ask what people think about this zany build I came up with (maybe it's not that zany). It's a tanking with high dps using a combination of science and tactical abilities.

Class: Engineer

BOFF loadouts:

Ensign tac: Tactical Team I
Lt tac: Torpedo Spread I, Beam Array: Fire at Will II

Lt Cmmdr sci: Polarize Hull I, Feedback Pulse I, Gravity Well I
Lt sci: Transfer Shield Strength I, Energy Siphon I

Cmmdr eng: Engineering team I, Emergency Power to shields II, Reverse Shield Polarity II, Eject Warp Plasma III


Fore: 3x Antiproton Beam Arrays mk12, 1X Quantum Torpedo mk12
Aft: ditto

Engineering- 3X Neutronium Alloy mk11, 1X Borg Console
Science - 4X Field Generators mk11
Tactical - 2X Antiproton Mag Regulator mk11


Borg Impulse Engines
Borg Deflector
MACO Shields mk12

Normal power distribution:

Weapon: 119
Shields: 79
Engines: 51
Aux: 62

Hull HP: 57k

If I've missed any information out please let me know. With this build I can solo a normal cube in Elite STFs but not Tactical cubes. The aim is to have enough tank to be able to survive long enough but also combine science abilities and Beam Boat type build for nice and varied DPS. I usually use Gravity Well and Eject Warp Plasma in conjunction with one another and the combination annihilates packs of enemies. There's a lot of shield penetration and power reduction in the build also to add some control abilities to the build. Please let me know what you think!
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# 2
05-10-2012, 12:32 PM
you forgot aft weapons and some of your power levels arn't very high ? maybe you need to work on some power skill levels,
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# 3
05-10-2012, 01:31 PM
Originally Posted by gard3ner View Post
you forgot aft weapons and some of your power levels arn't very high ? maybe you need to work on some power skill levels,
Ditto means the same as above... what power levels were low you think?
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# 4
05-10-2012, 01:55 PM
i'm kind of new to the game but i don't think it looks too bad. i recently built out my odyssey science ship and it is my ship of choice right now. i run a lot of power to shields and go through weapons batteries like there is no tomorrow.
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# 5 Emitters
05-10-2012, 06:29 PM
You forgot Hazzard Emitters.

Also Fire at Will I > Beam Overload I

The DR on 3 of the same console is pretty high, switch 1 out for something else. I'd pick up a Electro

I'd also think about dropping Directed Energy Modulation for Reverse Shield Polarity. You may lose a little bit of dps but you'll live longer, might even help you tank that Tactical cube.

Good Luck
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# 6
05-10-2012, 11:53 PM
directed energy modulation is really crap in my opinion, reverse shield polarity is far superior ability. its a 15 or more sec invul shield. I also have a photonic officer 1 in my built, but that has it's pros and cons.
if you are a fast shield redistributer and or have it bound to some key than you probabbly won't need tac team 1, otherwise get it instead of beam overload.

Also i think that a 2 torps 2 cannon 4 turret built does more dps up front and single target. but that depends on how you fly your ship.

generally i wouldn't count it as a tank built at all, missing some basic tank abilities. like aux to SIF, HE, RSP, higher TSS (atleast TSS2), tac team
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# 7
05-11-2012, 12:00 AM
I would get rid of energy syphon and replace it with a tractor beam and might you the tractor been officer to drain shields, use it to drain and hold in your gravity well. There are a few other skill you could use. It is all on play style.

I agree with the above post that you are missing some tanking skill, but it all depend on what you are trying to do.
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# 8
05-15-2012, 12:06 AM
See link in my signature.

Regarding OP build, replace a neutronium with a SIF and a shield gen for an emitter. If you want to tank those will help a lot with your heals. Capacity is great, but only for spike damage. And 3 of the same resist console is bad for diminishing returns.

Replace siphon for HE2 then spec into particle generator skill which will benefit GW, Ewp and FP.

Replace BO for TT1 for better shield management and weapons buff

DEM is useless imo, tried it, but honestly didn't see much of an improvement. Switch it for EptS3 and replace EptS2 with A2SIF1

All that would make it more tanky which to be honest is what the Oddy is for.
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# 9
05-23-2012, 06:48 AM
Originally Posted by theazurehawke
Hey guys I just wanted to ask what people think about this zany build I came up with (maybe it's not that zany). It's a tanking with high dps using a combination of science and tactical abilities.


Please let me know what you think!
Tanking consists of two parts:
(i) Taking + holding aggro (via threat rating)
(ii) Increasing survivability in order to withstand large amounts of damage.

For the first, you can only increase your threat rating by doing more Damage, and by increasing your "Starship Threat Control" skill via captain training. Doing more damage basically consists of ramping up your multipliers (more Tactical +%damage consoles) and buffs (running at 125 Weapons power, using EPTW, APA, CRF, etc) whilst using appropriate weapons (Energy does more versus Shields, Kinetic does more versus Hulls). Using AoE abilities like Cannon Scatter Volley or Beam: Fire at Will can help you draw aggro from multiple foes at once.

For the second, there is a wide range of things that affect survivability.
But it mainly boils down to "CC", "damage debuffs", "resistances" and "heals".
The only other real exception is shield balancing.

Concerning CC, Gravity Well I is useful, but more as a snare than a source of damage.
Scramble Sensors/Sensor Jam are situationally useful, but short duration.

Aceton Beam is the only real Damage debuff available to Cruisers (weapons power subsystem draining isn't really feasible on a cruiser), but the only thing that should cause you much grief is Kinetic damage (Borg Heavy Plasma Torps, or Tac Cube Hull Breaches) so it's usually not needed.

Resistances and Heals are where it's at.

The endgame shields have resistance modifiers on them which aren't to be sneezed at, and you can slot Neutronium or Monotanium Alloy to cut down hull damage. Shield Capacity Consoles can help against spike damage, but ramping up your shield damage resistance is usually more effective - run at 125 shields when tanking (there really is no excuse on a tanking cruiser not to run at both 125 Weapons and 125 Shields - use two copies of EPTW and EPTS and run them both constantly) and use Transfer Shield Strength to ramp up your own shield resistances even further (along with Rotate Shield Frequency, if an Engineer Captain). Extend Shields is very nice to have - but you should NOT be using it regularly as it is an allied-only ability, and the enemy's attention should be planted firmly on YOU. For Hulls, when tanking, always stack a copy of Aux2SIF (for permanent extra Hull Resistance) and use Hazard Emitters situationally (for extra damage resistance, to cleanse "Assimilated" status or for extra healing over time). An Engineer Captain will also have "Miracle Worker" available for added situational healing, and Engineering Fleet for extra situational resistances.

For extra benefit, Brace For Impact can be used as a mini "Reverse Shield Polarity" with an appropriate DOFF. And you should ALWAYS be running a copy of Tactical Team I when Tanking. (Yes, you can balance shields manually, but it doesn't kick in anywhere nearly as quickly. When something big like a Gateway or Tac Cube is firing at you, Tactical team will keep your shield facing up whenever manual balancing would let it drop.) With Shields at 125, plus EPTS3, Aux2SIF3 + Tac Team stacked on you constantly; along with RSP, Brace for Impact, TSS, HE and RSF all available as situational heals/buffs, you will be very hard to kill.

With that in mind, I'd suggest the following setup for a Tanking Odyssey:

Universal LtCom (Eng): EPTW1, ES1, EPTS3
Eng Com: EPTW1, RSP1, EPTS3, Aux2SIF3
Universal Ensign (Tac): TT1
Tac LT: TT1, B:FAW (or APD:1)
Sci LT: HE1, TSS2

For situations where you don't need as much survivability, you could certainly swap things around. In that case, swapping the Universal Ensign and LtCom slots around would give you access to higher damage loadouts. Example: LtCom Tac - TT1, APB (or B:FAW), TS3; Ensign Eng: EPTW1.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 10
05-24-2012, 12:13 AM
EPTX skills share cooldowns, so do PH and HE ... just keep that in mind. Also, I'd only use one cunsole of the same kind, e. g.:

Eng (4): EPS, SIF, RCS, Neutronium
Sci (4): Borg, Fieldgen, Emitter, Biofun OR Damper
Tac (2): Energy, Torpedo (assuming to use 4 torps and 4 beams) OR Energy x 2 (assuming to use 2 torps and 6 beams)

As for skills, I'd use e.g.:

Eng CM: EPTS 1, RSP 1, EPTS 3, SIF 3
Eng LC: ET 1, RSP 1, ET 3
Sci Lt: TSS 1, HE 2
Tac Lt: HY1, APB 1 or APD 1
Tac Ens: BO1

As for shields, deflector and engines I agree with the above mentioned layout (all Borg except shields Maco MK XII).

Butt that's just my purrsonal opinion.

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