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05-11-2012, 09:40 AM
Originally Posted by sollvax
Oh I'll deal with it alright
next person i see behaving like that I won't ask them to stop
I'll just report it
The best way to deal with it.
Infact when a Problem comes along you must whip it.

okok, that last joke was weak. I can admit that.

Originally Posted by sollvax
I have absolutely Zero tolerance for Smut , bullying or sexualisation/exploitation of Anyone
An absolutely honorable way to live your life but i think the use of whips on ESD is more a childish behavior as any of the ones you list above.
Unless you come around a corner on Drozana station and see a toon with a ball-gag and handcuffs being whipped by a lady in tight leather and spikes... That would be a bit much for a game being marketed to teens.
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05-11-2012, 10:30 AM
Originally Posted by sollvax
Im comparing it to Sexual harrassment

And it basically IS

you abuse others in this manner you are commiting exactly the same act as slaping a womans backside on a bus


So put the whips away
or be seen as what you are
a Bully

Don't even go there !

This IS NOT sexual "harassment", (spell check much ?) any more than someone swinging a batleth at you is. I work in H.R., I happen to know a few things about sexual harassment.

Did this person make any comments of a sexual nature to you? Did they PM you with any unwanted sexual remarks about the physical attributes about your character?

You make serious allegations against another player and you'd better make damned sure that it IS sexual harassment.

So they cracked a Ferengi whip at you, big friggin deal, I saw it done on spongebob the other day while watching it with my nephew !

I'd stay out of STFs, PVP, or ANY missions that require more than one player, if I were you. I've got a feeling that you'd be traumatized so much by the trash talk that goes on there, you'd curl up into a fetal position.

Sexual harassment, my Lilly white *****, next thing people will start calling for e notes to be done away with, or half the outfits female characters run around in because they will find them offensive too. So what if people have already paid for them.....

In game social zones you get the good with the bad in so far as behavior is concerned. Just like you do in real life.
And just like in real life, if you don't like the way someone is acting, leave, change instances, or if it's serious enough report them, and let Cryptic handle it.

Leave the damned whips alone, it's a canon weapon. Stop trying to twist this into something it isn't. I find THAT offensive.
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05-11-2012, 10:33 AM
Harassment is never okay, under any circumstance. Also, making light on the subject is not okay either. I will pass along the feedback about the whip to the team.

But, this thread is taking a turn for the worse and there are too many reported posts coming in to keep it going.


Brandon =/\=
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