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05-11-2012, 04:16 PM
Originally Posted by Cuatela
hey Borticus, probably not the place for this, but... have you guys considered changing the effectiveness of the tractor beam based on the masses of the two ships involved?

for example... a runabout puts a tractor beam on the Bortas. Shouldn't the Bortas drag the runabout around through space, since the Bortas is like 100x bigger, and has the engine power to compensate?

I don't know how hard that would be to do, but it would make things a lot more believable if a runabout (or even an escort) can't stop a big cruiser dead in its tracks.
This already exists. Not to a "true to physics" extent, but Small Craft ships (shuttles, runabouts, etc) only have a full effect Tractor Beam on other Small Crafts. When used on anything larger than themselves, the effects are diminished.

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