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Dear Cryptic/PWE,
As a subscriber that recently achieved 800 day veteran status I want to thank you for finally opening my eyes on how much money I was wasting. Why should I continue to financially support something that I can play freely? Oh sure, extra character slots, monthly c-point stipend, some small perks. All for the low low price of my subscription fee. Which is funny because you give me 5 bucks worth of c-points a month in exchange for my 45 bucks of subscription every three. But that's alright. I'll probably never make more than 3-4 characters anyway. Heck, I played the same one for over a year before starting a klingon.

What other things do I get for that subscription fee? Nothing. I get the same tedious end game grind for marginally better loot, the same "content" releases that are flash in the pan at best and a complete joke at worst. I get bombarded by lockbox spam. I experience bugs, some of which have been around since release, which the devs have been notified about and seem to refuse to fix. Things such as being forced to change instance to receive team invites. Or failures in the PvE queue to transfer to the proper map. How about all the problems with the STFs and the invisible one shot things?

In fact it seems to me that I'm not getting my money's worth. I pay you a fee, you deliver fun. Only the fun has become scarcer and scarcer in recent months. I could complain about loot drops or the system itself but really, anything I have to say about that has been said better by other people. I could complain about how your new system for penalizing death in STFs (especially with the aforementioned bugs) is asinine and ridiculous.

I will say this. I've cancelled my gold subscription. After 2 years of not regretting it I realized the other day that it just wasn't worth it any more. I'm done shelling out money for what this game has to offer. You won't be getting another penny from me for c-store items. I've no interest in fluff or costume packs or paying cash for lockboxes. There is some fun to be had here, I will admit that. However since it's free, and you get what you pay for, I'll take my free fun over paying you for it.

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Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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05-11-2012, 06:29 PM
To quote a Vulcan: "This would be logical!!
I have nothing to add. Just to say you made a logical step. Enjoy your free fun

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