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05-11-2012, 08:51 PM
Originally Posted by tom_riker01 View Post
I'm going to jump in here with the end all arguement which no one can overcome.

The EXCALIBUR-class is a 25th century version of a CONSTITUTION-class, which means all design flaw, limited ability, cannot keep up with the times non-sense goes out the window.

And yet, the Excalibur-class is pulverized by the antiquated Intrepid-class and oh yes my personal favorite example of "we must keep it cannon": the EXCELSIOR-class.
That's easier to overcome than you think. I object to the existence of "redesigns" of older (some MUCH older) vessels in the game. I also object to ships such as the Intrepid existing at top-tier. At MOST, a "TNG-era" ship should stop at Tier 4.

This is the future's future. Anything we saw on-screen should be out-dated by now, and should not be considered the "best". As such, they shouldn't be setup and sold as such.

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