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04-16-2012, 07:00 PM
Originally Posted by painkillerjayne
- You can play STO just fine on your older computer, but your virtually new machine keeps crashing with decompression errors. This would tend to indicate that your ISP/modem/wireless router is *not* the issue.
- Many others are having the exact same issue. So, it is *not* something specific to your computer, but more likely something your computer has in common with all the other computers having the same issue.
Seem to recall it's common to Vista / Win7? At least that seemed to be most folks were reporting they were playing on. 'Course that could just be because those moderns systems are the only ones with hardware sufficient to play it. Dunno? Still.

Is there a way to test, for instance, the cable between the computer and the router? In terms of error rates, etc? Just to make sure it's not like a faulty cable mucking up communication? Not really suspecting that, but gotta' rule out EVERYthing, as the recent FTL neutrino fiasco has shown us. Sometimes silly cable issues are to blame for society's technological woes.

At least w/in the household it does seem to be "specific to that computer" since it's not working while the other one is. As you say, it makes it seem like the network connection generally isn't the issue or else both would be having the same problem. Hence wondering whether may the cable is a problem or the particular port(s) it's plugged into? Not likely, but y'never know.

& as you say, it may be something loaded on the machine. It may be some weird hardware conflict or issue (possibly RAM chips? Though that's tough to check w/o paying money to Best Buy and/or for new memory chips and/or w/o voiding the Mfg warranty).

It's tempting to burn restore discs, nuke the system to scratch, reinstall clean outside Program Folders, etc. & w/o Defender or Trend installed or running, see what happens, then start pulling off programs or program groups one-by-one, picking it apart to see what if anything makes it stop blowing up... Though, that sounds like a pain too.

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04-16-2012, 07:10 PM
Originally Posted by MGmirkin
Barring that, not sure what else to try. I suppose we could try a different CAT 5e cable or a different port on the FiOS box just to make sure it's not a local network / cabling issue. Though, one would think the system would throw out bad network / internet packets if packets weren't coming through correctly? You ever find that long network cable I got you a few years back? Or is that still lost in storage?
TCP/IP packets have a built in CRC check-sum value, that is checked upon arrival, and if it fails, automatically triggers a request to resend... TCP/IP based transfers will not proceed until a packet finally arrives that is successfully processed...

(This is also the one of the reason why Wireless local networks reduce bandwidth, as due to radio interference, there is a much greater chance of a bad packet being received...)

Technically, it still is possible for a mangled packet to arrive that by chance, passes the CRC check... but the odds of this occurring is quit low...
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05-08-2012, 02:48 AM
My Background:
I'm an MCSE with over 20 years of experience troubleshooting software and hardware issues on Windows systems.

My System:
Motherboard: Intel DX58SO
Processor: Intel Core i7-960
RAM: Micron DDR3-1333 (12GB)
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4800
Audio: Logitech G35 (USB)
Anti-virus: Microsoft Security Essentials
Active background programs: Bins; Dropbox; Google Drive; MozyHome; Google Talk; Logitech Gaming Software; n52te
Network: Hardwired 1GB connection via Linksys E3200 > Actiontec MI424WR-Gen2 > FiOS

Issue History:
About a year ago I tried STO, enjoyed it, bought a lifetime membership. After playing for a few weeks I started having this issue. Removed, re-installed, checked the system, etc. Deleting the .hogg files certainly fixed the issue temporarily, but a few hours of play and it happens again.

Last week a hard drive failed so I installed an SSD and refreshed the system from scratch. Figured I'd re-download STO and try it. It's happening again.

The only common denominator I can see is the OS. I've tried everything I know to test for this issue (including some diagnostic tools I have access to that track every thread of data to and from the process) and I can't see an issue. The files aren't being altered, the stream of data isn't being altered and it always seems to be a different texture.

All I can figure is that something is corrupting during the download. One bit is off somewhere and the STO system has zero tolerance for error handling.

Fortunately I'm on a 25/25Mb line so re-downloading the .hogg files is a 30min coffee break. Still, this is very, very frustrating.

I've attached the DxDiag and hijackthis logs. I'll also try to get a video capture of the issue occurring.

If someone from Cryptic needs access to a system that can reliably replicate the issue, send me a PM.
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05-08-2012, 01:12 PM
I'm having the same problem. It started happening after I restarted my computer after a windows update.
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# 145 A solution?
05-08-2012, 05:27 PM
I may have found the solution to this issue. Using Windows permissions I revoked modify permissions on the 'piggs' folder for everyone, then launched the game.

Rather than using the compressed files, the launcher started downloading the assets into individual folders and files. This took it from a 3GB download to a 6GB download, but if there are no files to decompress, my hope is that the decompression errors will go away.

1) Right click on the 'piggs' folder
2) Click the 'Security' tab
3) Click the 'Edit' button
4) Click the 'Add' button
5) Type in 'Everyone' and click 'OK'
6) In the Deny column, click the 'Modify' checkbox. This will also check several items under it, which is good!
7) Click 'OK'
8) Click 'Yes'
9) Launch STO
10) Take a long lunch/dinner/nap break

Edit: Nope, didn't fix the issue.
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05-10-2012, 03:02 PM
I know you guys must be horribly busy, but waiting over 48 hours for a "start the game in safe mode" general response is ridiculous. If more than one person is having this problem then maybe you should look into it.
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I've been trying to get a solution for this problem for a month now.

It eventually ended with the person handling the case telling me to take my computer to a Tech Support person and they weren't going to work on it anymore.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding the situation, but from my perspective, it looks like an internal coding problem in STO.
So how is a person from the outside of cryptic supposed to solve the problem?
Are they going to reprogam the STO client for me?

And this is having quite serious impacts on my ability to play STO.

Here's the list of things I CANNOT do because going to these places risks running into a player or ship that triggers the Fatal Error Crash.

Use Bank Console.
Use Mail Console.
Buy items from Exchange.
Fly across Sector Space.
Visit Populated Hub Maps (ESD, DS9, etc).
Buy replacement Large Hypos and Shield Charges (because this necessitates going to aforementioned populated hub).
Visit the tailor.

The CommCode device can grant some of these functions, but not as efficiently as the actual terminals on the Starbases. And apparently, it's cooldown only ticks down while I'm online. So if I want to use it again, I have to spend a collective 2 hours online to use it again.

I'm now thinking they need to provide these services on our ships, that way, I can avoid the people causing the crashes and still play the game.
It won't fix the problem, naturally, but it will give me a much needed workaround if I NEVER have to go to Starbases to do these things!

Basically, I'm spending all my time online hiding in a dark corner of one of the clusters, because there are no players nearby there.

And although it hasn't happened yet, what happens if this occurs in a STF?
I've only managed to identify the ground costume that causes the crash, it's the Deanna Troi counselor costume.
And I'm quite strict about insisting my squadmates DO NOT wear this uniform when I go to an STF!
The space item, I can't identify, other then it's a Starfleet Warp Nacelle Pylon. The console closes down before I can read the name precisely, but it's something like Fed_Geo_Stanchion_4.
And given that I have no idea what part that is or run into it during a random queued space STF, I don't have the level of control as I do with the DT conselor uniform.
In point of fact, I'm avoiding the space STFs altogether because of this.
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05-12-2012, 10:23 AM
Originally Posted by Tilarta View Post
Maybe I'm misunderstanding the situation, but from my perspective, it looks like an internal coding problem in STO.
So how is a person from the outside of cryptic supposed to solve the problem?
Are they going to reprogam the STO client for me?.....
The thing is, I've never suffered any of the issues described in this thread on my Windows Vista machine.... If it was actually a coding issue, then I should be suffering these issues.... And the fact that I don't implies that its not a coding issue but something else...
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05-12-2012, 08:58 PM
To be honest, I have no idea what's going on.

I've read this thread and it seems that it's different for everyone.
It's a different texture for each individual.

What I find unusual is that, after deleting and replacing the suspect HOGGs, the error remained exactly the same!
The same textures/objects cause the crash.


I had this thought later on.
I'm not sure if it means anything, but I thought i'd put it out there.
It's kinda crazy, but software bugs defy the law of logic as we know it.

I never purchased the Counselor Troi costume!
Could there be a glitch relating to non-acquistion of this item, assets not installed on my computer or something along those lines because I haven't unlocked the outfit for my account?

Going along with this line of reasoning, there's also some ship costume packs I haven't purchased, all Federation.
And it's fed ships that are causing the crashes in space.
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05-16-2012, 12:08 AM
Same issue happened to me and my freind a while ago on the Romulan missions and now its happening again and im going to miss out on the featured series rewards (some of them) becasue of it.

Edit: Issue resovled see below post but I did still miss out on the reman and possibly cardassin featured sereis rewards for my alts

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